Read this if you fancy a reminder of your nature found in nature, wood therapy for free.

Because when all else fails the trees will always hold us.
Therapy in the woods.

You have your ways of dealing with stress and plenty of practice I’m sure. Sometimes nothing seems to cut through it and we can stay stuck In a vibrational level of dis’ease.

Drifting under the canopies of the trees allows a reconnect with the stillness and silence that we have deep within us. It takes no other action on our part other than getting there. Yes, sometimes this can be the trickiest part, trusting our Self when we’re guided to go to the woods and making it happen. 

Once we are there, we become immersed in the softness of her embrace. Whatever the weather the shelter we find in the woods is like no other. 

Science shows all sorts of clever measurements and ‘stuff’ to let us know the impact trees have on our physical and mental well-being. 

Science aside, what is your experience?
What do you feel under the canopy?

Science aside, what do you know?

What do you experience?

When do you find you need wood therapy?

How slowly or quickly do you come back into balance?

I found myself this morning down by the river underneath some ancient trees. 
I took myself there after a restless night and knowing the only way to get me going this morning was a bracing swim….. turns out just sitting on the bank under the trees with my herbal tea was enough. And it wasn’t that I needed to ‘get going’ either, I simply found myself feeling at peace. 

I was kind of shocked/surprised because I suddenly noticed I was completely at ease. I was in such a strong uncomfortable fizzy expression this morning, I thought it would take a whole heap of conscious action to dissipate it to find comfort and ease again. Did i just get some wood therapy?

Is this the power of nature?

A subtle and powerful way to soothe the soul, body, and mind. Be in nature. 

Feeling the heart rate settle, the static in the body disappears, the gaps between the relentless mind chatter expand and allow the sounds of the birds, the popping up of the fish, the leaf falling through the canopy to be heard, and then felt. 

For me, the sounds of nature can evoke such a sense of depth in my body. They are my calling cards to come home. For my mind to come home. Rather than busying everywhere lost in thought she finds herself back home, in my body.

Step out of time-space and lose yourself in nature.

As you know there is no substitute for nature. Our connection is so strong because we are nature, how often do you recall your divine truth? You are, we are, inseparable from nature, inseparable from each other.  On this note, my next blog is on community and our elders highlighting the gift of unity through death. 

The woods or whatever you’re called to are always calling.

Of course, you can put it off till tomorrow, as Eckhart Tolle says “There is only Now”

When you’re there how do you notice you’ve come home to your body?

Feels good doesn’t it?

I know you know deep down you are one there, here xxx

sun rays in woods