People avoid meditating because they can’t switch their minds off, getting frustrated, so why would they choose to meditate? 

What if our mind is not meant to be switched off…….

After all, it is a highly specific, fine-tuned, potent apparatus for laser focus. 

For many of us though, it is a bit feral!

We do want it to be laser-focused, and we would benefit hugely if it came from a place of love and safety rather than fear or concern. 

Imagine what your mind would think about, or ‘chew the cud on’ if it knew it was always safe, loved and protected.

planting seeds growing flowers in your mind

At the foundation of our being our system is very simplistic. We know two ways of being, loving or fearful.

What might your mind be meditating on? What directs your decisions?

Love or Fear?

Fear = System is in fight, flight or freeze. The mind seeks out dangers to keep safe from or problems to ‘try’ to solve. In the fearful state, it isolates itself for protection, finds relief in addictions or aggressive behavioural outlets. These are all created as coping mechanisms.

Love = System is in rest and digest. It is open and relaxed, mind experiences joy for the sake of it. Bliss is it’s natural state. Sees the good in others, and want’s others to succeed. Satiated, (food is just for energy) mind is inspired and creative.

So why choose to meditate?

Meditation or simply being with ourselves helps our system to realise it is safe. Sitting still for any period without distraction is an opportunity to switch off of the stress response. 

How will we know we are not in danger if we do not take the time to check?

Sensing safety results in our heart rate settling, blood pressure balancing and our breathing rate changing. 

This all harmonises itself naturally along with the slowing of our thoughts and more space between them.

What is meditation? 

Some say it’s when our mind quietens, others say it is when our mind focuses on one specific thing and everything else in the world disappears. 

The commonality is gentle focused attention of the mind, a steadying of brain waves and being in the moment. 

It is you being with You, in whatever way you’re showing up. 

Even if you’re irritated and your mind won’t settle, the fact that you are taking time and observing this means you are present. 

Only when we are present can we know we are safe. 

Most of the time we are thinking about stuff or doing something. So we have no idea who we are in those moments. Our autopilot is activated and predominately in society, this means small brain survival mode. Fight, flight, freeze going on at a low level in the background or as clearly felt anxiety. 

Meditating, aka, being with yourself, allows your system to relearn you are safe. 

And yes we do need to relearn this, as we are living life at 100mph physically or mentally, which leaves little space to realise all is well.  

It can take time to learn, but that is ok.

It is ok to learn, in fact, it is great to learn is it not?

Think about all the things you do in your life. Which of these did you not have to learn?

That’s right, none! 

Everything you do you have learnt to do, and I know you know when it comes to learning there are awkward beginner stages.
It is part of the process, 

So if you ever find yourself frustrated;
Accept it. See the one who is frustrated, honour, listen and acknowledge this part of you and see what happens.

Steps to feeling safe.

Learning to come from safety rather than fear is a great first step in training the mind to think kind, compassionate, illuminated thoughts. Where creativity and joy are abundant. 

  • Look – When you choose to take time and be with yourself, look around you. Help your primitive brain to relax by glancing around your surroundings before you close your eyes. 

Your primitive brain will know it is safe.

  • Listen – Then let your ears get familiar with the sounds around you. Another way of acknowledging a level of safety before you continue.

Our system has been on high alert for so long, we can use our senses in a way to intentionally tell our primitive brain we are not in danger. 

  • Breathe – Use your breath. As you slow your breath, moving it into the belly, the vagus nerve is stimulated and our brain waves slow. 

Therefore slower, lower breath = slower thoughts.

So why are we meditating?

  • To tone and strengthen our sense of safety
  • Improve our intuition
  • To feel truly relaxed
  • Memory for brain enhancement, or remembering Truth, or both! 
  • Healing and repairing, resting and digesting
  • Inspiration and creativity
  • Trains our mind to find joy in the simplicity of life.
  • Lots of health benefits, I’m sure you’re already familiar

Some moments you will find a lightness of being, peace and comfort in stillness, and these moments will expand, or become more frequent if this is what you would like. 

Simple recap & what to do.

Love or fear are the foundations of all experience

We don’t need to switch our minds off, we want to invite it to notice if it is coming from fear or love.

When we know this we can discern for ourselves what we have been choosing and what will we choose now.

If it’s fear, find safety.

Because meditation is about being present, it does not matter how you do it or how long for.
In peaceful moments, look, listen and breathe.

More moments spent noticing you are safe will lead to a mind seated in security, which means love.

A mind in love, see’s a world of infinite possibilities, creating wonderful ideas and opportunities. Seeing others through the eyes of compassion and kindness. Seeking the simple pleasures in life and being grateful for all.

I know what I’m choosing, and yes it takes practice.
It is so important to me it’s worth it.