This post was written by a colleague and a good friend of mine, Danny Greeves.

We Have just returned from a weeks training programme 18 of us, with Matt Hudson in Antwerp.  Immersing ourselves for a whole week in this training allows us to clean our slates so to speak, this means when we work with others we are able to support them fully and allow them to shine.

What is the Hudson Mind Theory©?

Now usually I would follow this question on by talking about how each of us has an invisible screen, and how the information on this screen directs what chemicals our brain makes, which in turn leads us to feel a certain way. Through changing the information on this screen, we can change our thoughts, our behaviours, and our identity, as in to change the ‘who’ we are being.

And yet, after going through this week’s training course about family rules, this explanation just isn’t anywhere near enough. So I thought I would give you a little more insight into what the Hudson Mind Theory is really about after this week…

The effect and impact of mental health is growing day by day. The ever increasing statistics of anxiety, depression, and chronic pain show the alarm bells are on at full throttle. People are crying out for help, and the current education and medical models are not working.

People are dying.

And it is happening every day.

Mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters are losing their loved ones because through the way they have been taught growing up, or at times and places where their spirit has been oppressed, they believe they are broken, they can’t change, or because the pain they are experiencing is so great there is only one solution, and that is to leave this world.

There is a better way.

The etymology of the word education is an interesting one. It stems from the Latin word ‘educere’, evolving to the word ‘educe’, which means to bring out, to extract, or to draw out. The 15th Century word ‘educaten’ means to ‘bring up children, to train’.

The Hudson Mind Theory can, therefore, be described as a powerful and inspiring education.

There is a plethora of research around what type of environment stimulates learning and education.

In a nutshell, human beings learn when they are in a space where they feel safe, where they can enjoy and express themselves, where they can be listened to, where they can speak their mind and know that whatever their thoughts, they will receive feedback and not criticism. We learn when the teacher inspires us when the teacher can reach us at a personal level; not as a room of robots who are all the same, but as a group of unique individuals who share a common goal. We learn when the content of information is interesting when we are engaged in the subject matter, and this happens when we can make a meaningful connection with it.

We learn when we are having fun, and we learn most effectively through experience.

This is the environment created by the Hudson Mind Theory.

Over this past week, people of different nationalities, locations, ages and genders have come together. Of course, as a group of people, we each also come along with a collection of our own individual problems, each with their own unique shapes and sizes.

There were no labels, it was not ‘Mr Generalised Social Anxiety Disorder’, sitting next to ‘Mrs Depression’, facing ‘Mr Chronic Pain’. It was a group of human beings coming together in an environment learning what it means to be human again, where we could just become better versions of ourselves. A place where everyone just wanted more.

‘More’ of what you may ask???  More peace, more self-worth, more self-validation, more connection, more happiness. Whatever is was, it doesn’t matter.

To put it into another nutshell, more love.

What I have seen over the past week is a teacher who created an environment where human beings thrive. Where people connect with each other. There was side-splitting laughter, there were tears of pain and tears of joy… and that was just me.

What I have experienced this week has been a group of people transform.

The learning has been phenomenal, we have learned about how the mind works and how we are set up for survival. We explored how the relationships we have with our primary caregivers growing up impacts upon us, and how we all want to thrive. Through this, an environment was created where personal growth happened easily and effortlessly.

The Hudson Mind Theory is an educational approach. It draws out your talents, your joys, and your love of life. It brings out that special thing about what it is to be human and to be around other humans that just want to connect and have fun.

It helps you notice your childhood attitudes, behaviours and beliefs that are still present today without you even knowing. It helps you shine a light on past childhood unresolved pains, and it helps you evolve into a flexible, adaptable human being. It helps you move to a place where you have choice. Where you can choose to enjoy something with the excitement of a child or choose to deal with something with the assertiveness of an adult.

The Hudson Mind Theory gives you choices. The choice to be who you want to be in each moment.

So in a world where people are struggling, where mental health is on the rise and chronic conditions remain more untreatable than ever despite the billions pumped in to find drugs to ‘fix’ them, I’ll leave you with just one thought…

What could happen if we were to each invest some time in experiencing the environment created by the Hudson Mind Theory? To truly connect with other people again, to truly reconnect with ourselves again, and to re-learn what it means to be human.

What would be possible then…