What if a miracle could be a change in perception?

Have you ever been in a position where someone’s actions left a bitter taste in your mouth? Meaning every time you thought about them you’d feel tense in some way.
Or perhaps there’s someone who you feel so nervous around you lose your ability to be yourself and dread seeing them.

Imagine having some new information that flipped your take on them or the situation entirely on its head resulting in any tension or nerves dissolving completely…

How wonderful is it bumping into someone who used to evoke fear or anger and feeling completely neutral? As if there was never a problem. What a relief to find yourself in control of you again.

This is my belief of a miracle. Inner Alchemy.
Interesting as I searched the etymology of the word coming up with ‘to smile’ in Greek & ‘smiling’ in Sanskrit.

A miracle can come in any shape or form the secret is in the eye of the beholder and what the experience means to them. 

Miracles happen every day, every moment. I’m currently studying the workbook from ‘A Course in Miracles’ and it offers a 365-day practice. 

Every day of the year is a profound piece of wisdom and as I progress I see things differently. Myself, others, and the world, all from an altered perspective.  

Not only do I find a miracle in having a focus every day in these lessons, I’m also noticing the cumulative effect of doing this is showing me something deeply different in life. It’s a subtle knowing, one that’s pervasive, I could’t perhaps put words to it yet.

It shines hope for me into the darkness of the happenings that the media shares. I say that the media shares because when I look around me, at my surroundings, I don’t see that kind of pain and suffering. 

I see people being considerate and caring. Courteous and gentle. 

Balance is key, balance is the only way.
The universe in the concept of duality works in balance and harmony. So where there is black there has to be white, where there is dark there has to be light. 

So know that what you see in the news there will be an opposing element that is equally as powerful. All the pain and suffering you see means there will be freedom and joy of the same magnitude somewhere.
Where will you choose to look for it? How will you know when you find it?

What will be your miracle today?  Big or small, clear or subtle, the choice is ours, how we choose to see it.

When we alter how we look at things we are letting go of the past. 

Everything we see, we see through the lens of what we know about it.

When we let go of what we think we know things change, they have to, it’s only information after all.

When we decide to look at the world independently of what we’re told or what we’ve been making it mean based on yesterday, everything can change which means every moment can be a miracle.

The more we are open to this the more miracles we receive and there is no limit to the magnitude to which they will reveal themselves either. 

All that is required is an open mind, the heart is always open, the mind tries to tell us otherwise. 

Let it be easy.