An allergic reaction is the body mounting an immune response to a harmless substance.  Immune responses occur when our system perceives a threat.  Therefore this harmless substance has become a perceived threat to the body.  

I work with allergy sufferers from two different angles, 

1) Fear, panic, anxiety, any stress related to the problem.                           

 Some allergies are so severe they can be life threatening, causing anaphylactic shock.  The fear of this reaction itself is debilitating, someone constantly living in a state of terror, “what if” “when” “it could happen any time” “the last time nearly killed me.”                                                                                          

Mentally, emotionally and physically it is exhausting and limits how someone will live their life.  

Living with this fear impacts on quality of life, it can also influence physical health conditions and lead into mental health problems such as anxiety.

2)Discovering an emotional link to the allergy. 

For me some of the most fascinating work I do is helping clients discover if there is an emotional link related to the allergy.  

The link is quite often related to a traumatic event or experience occurring at the same time as the body comes into contact with a substance.  

This causes a negative association with the substance.

Many allergies develop over time, and some just disappear for no apparent reason, perhaps you’re familiar with this?  

What could be going on here?  

I work with clients to help them uncover triggers to reactions in their body, because so often they were not born with them, and this means something had to cause it.

Im sharing a couple of case studies below conveying examples, this could help give you a clearer picture.

  1. Working with a client who was allergic to wasp stings, and hadn’t always been.  Chatting in the session lead us to a specific memory of hers.            In her early 20’s (she’s now mid 40’s) driving an open top car a wasp flew down her t-shirt and stung her on the back….. it was very vivid this memory and for reasons more than the wasp sting.                                                    The car belonged to a chap she knew who was visiting her mum, he threw her the keys and said to enjoy it, take it for a spin, cruise around on this lovely sunny afternoon.  She knew in the back of her mind he was seducing her mother, and knew how much her father loved her.  There was a lot of emotional turmoil going on inside, and after that journey after that sting, she would go on to have the most gruelling of reactions to wasp stings.  After working with the negative emotion attached to the memory, she was able to let go and clear the past from her future.  She still hasn’t been stung since the work, if it changes I’ll let you know 🙂
  1. Another client couldn’t tolerate raw garlic, this hadn’t always been the case and it was getting worse.  After chatting with her and watching and relaying back to her her nonverbal communication she remembered very clearly a breakfast she had…..

Her parents split up when she was 17, she was ok with it (so her words said, her body language said different)   Her father had been having affairs and in the end left, which she felt she was accepting of.  When he left he immediately lost contact.  Three years later he got back in touch with a new wife, step children and had only been living a short distance away.

This was painful for my client.  (I knew it was painful for her because her body language showed me, some people may not have been impacted by this, my role is not to judge or take sides, its to observe impartially relaying back the information that I am seeing to allow the client to give it the meaning)

  My client met with her dad and his new wife for the first time in their home, she said it was a very strange experience and didn’t sleep well.  The clearest part of the memory for her was coming down in the morning and having breakfast, rubbing raw garlic on toast with tomato.  As I watched her talk, her whole presence was in the memory, she was no longer with me in the room she was back in the memory, in the kitchen creating this breakfast years ago.  She shared with me how she was seeing it, how she was picturing it in her mind, this was the key to her change.  A strong food substance linked with all the emotional turmoil of that reconnection.  

We worked with this image, this memory, reframed it and allowed her body and mind to process all the changes letting go of the emotion that was holding it there, and now…. 

She can enjoy raw garlic again 🙂

Its good to remain curious, it means we’re open to any possible influences of problems.  When we are stressed, the blood is shunted away from our gut to our limbs in preparation for fight or flight, this means our gut is compromised, opening it up to vulnerability.  

In light of all this can you get a sense of how trauma and stress can impact on digestive sensitivities. 

Interesting isn’t it?  

With this information whether the allergy is learnt or not it is still causing an over reaction in the body and left unchecked can develop into other problems.

Whether you use the hypnotherapy or mind coaching to release the fear or let go of the emotional link, the impact on the body will directly allow the immune system to function efficiently again along with many other benefits.  

As you know for yourself the limitations that arise with allergies can prevent you leading a ‘normal’ life, doing the things you want to do.

If you’re curious you’re welcome to have a no obligation chat to find out what could suit you most.

“Your mindset is just as important as your skill set”

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