It literally took me longer to write this testimonial than it takes to get positive results from Nic!
I feel these words cannot truly convey the importance of her work. I have been Nic’s client since 2009 when I was suffering from ME/CFS; which entails, among other things, debilitating physical pain. I found Nic for Bowen Therapy, she introduced me to Emmett Therapy, which I thought suited me better. Her Emmett technique treatments would leave me pain free and happy within minutes!
I was intrigued when she told me she was learning the Hudson Mind Process and put it in my memory banks for a rainy day. That day came recently, when grieving and struggling with a stressful situation, I called her.
Two sessions later, I feel very tranquil and content. Nic helped me access my inner resolve, prioritise my needs and get back in touch with the person I like to be.
With her guidance, I’ve managed to take her techniques further and apply them to other aspects of my life. She gave me tools to use in the future, should I find myself unstuck again.
I’m back to normal, exercising, practicing the breathing techniques she has online, drinking much less alcohol, eating better and best of all obtaining refreshing sleep.
This has impacted every part of my life and it sounds cliché, but I really am living in the moment, not stressed about what has passed or what the future holds.
I cannot thank Nic enough for all the help she has given me throughout the years and I’m constantly recommending her to my family and friends, especially now that she has a modality that can be done online.

Tamaly Andrews, Dorset

I have a brain tumour and have to have regular MRI scans

I couldn’t find a hypnotherapy audio that specifically focused on anxiety in MRI scanners – which I found strange as so many people on the brain tumour support groups post they suffer form scanxiety. 

And then Nic made her MRI Care hypnotherapy audio.

I haven’t had my MRI yet – however I feel less anxious when I think about having it.

I have used the contents of the audio to help reduce my anxiety when driving by focusing on my breath when I feel anxious.

I would recommend Nic’s services because of her passion and knowledge.

I think the MRI care audio absolutely nails it and in a weird way I can’t wait to try it when I have my next MRI scan.

BJ, London

I had been struggling to sleep, taken numerous remedies to help, relaxation methods, but nothing had been consistent and my mind had been challenging to switch off.  Nic recommended her sleep hypnotherapy audio, I wasn’t too sure what hypnotherapy would involve at first, a little bit sceptical, but it turned out to be so relaxing and calming. 

I haven’t yet heard the end of the track, I’m asleep before it finishes.  I’m really pleased to have something so simple I can do to help.  This means I’m buying less tablets to use and don’t wake up groggy. 

I would definitely recommend Nic, I have worked with her in person and the relaxation and sleep I now achieve means I feel better, I’m not so irritable, my skin and eyes are less puffy and I’m clearer in thought.  Thanks Nic

AD, Dorset

I have had the privilege of knowing Nic for many years and have had numerous treatments with her mostly for neck, back and shoulder pain.
I found that I was challenged by some complicated emotions, things that I had been suppressing and confused about for over 40 years.
I came to understand some of the turmoil I was experiencing with my fathers death and I noticed that some of the things that I had been exposed to as a child were transforming the way I behaved around other people.
It was like having an epiphany, just a very short round of questions and answers and that was it. I learned to become more mindful of my emotions. The results were truly staggering. I have become more relaxed around people which in turn enables them to be more relaxed, therefore everyone is happy!
A few weeks before my Mum passed away we had another discussion about recent events including a few more questions and answers which inevitably ended up being about my relationship with my Mum. I was so challenged about my feeling towards her that whenever we spoke on the phone I could never quite tell her that I loved her at the end of the call, even though she would say it to me.
A few days after this particular session I called my Mum and at the end of this call I had no qualms at all about telling her how much I loved her, so much so I said it first!
This was absolutely the consequence of that meeting with Nic, once again she enabled me to understand my emotions and deep rooted behaviours to the point where I have become much more mindful of my emotions and how they can manifest.
Mum passed away peacefully in her sleep a week later knowing exactly how much I loved her and how much she meant to me.

NSP, Dorset

I went to see Nic to help combat a fear of heights which I was starting to experience, mostly when skiing.  We had two sessions in which Nic explained what would happen and talked me through my experiences.  I was able to test it out a few weeks ago and was ecstatic that it had helped enormously and I was able to ski areas which I had previously been unable to access.  Nic has also treated both my knee and shoulder which are now pain-free.  I recommend her very highly in both areas of treatment and am glad to have found her!

HN, Bournemouth

I have had several sessions with Nic to help me during my most anxious periods.

Nic has the ability to help me identify the root of the problem and to come up with practical techniques and challenges to my thinking. This not only gets me through difficult times but has also improved my confidence and belief in myself so that the incidences of depression and anxiety become less common.

She is supportive and encouraging and I feel proud when my family see me in tough situations and express surprise that I am coping so well. Nic has given me the skills, reinforced through hypnotherapy, to live a happier, more relaxed life.

VC, Dorset

I’ve been to see Nic with quite a range of different issues but the one that I think was helped the most was with social anxiety.

I now have a better understanding of how my subconscious affects my life, a lightening of the load (perceived load of course!), more self-confidence which has had a positive effect on all aspects of my life, more relaxed, I know myself better, it has spurred me on to learn more about my mind and therefore myself, basically, every aspect of my life is so much better than before, I’ve become free to be happy.

Nic is easy to relate to, and well educated in her field, she put me at ease quickly. Initially, I was hesitant thinking I needed to share deep personal issues but this is not a talking therapy, no dragging up of the past and going over old issues, it’s a gentle and easy therapy that has immediate and lasting effects.

I highly recommend Nic to anyone who can’t see a way through their problem or issue, whatever that might be. I’ve lost count of the people I’ve told about her!

I have a massive amount of gratitude for the positive change you have helped to create in every aspect of my life, Nic, I honestly don’t recognise myself sometimes from the person I was. I’m more me than I have ever been in my life and it feels fantastic.

FNS, Dorset

I came to see Nic as I was thinking that I didn’t have any feelings and thought that there was something wrong with me. I was sceptical at first as I’ve had counselling in the past but felt like I’d come to the end of its usefulness, I wasn’t sure whether her techniques would work for me.

I feel a lot better and realised that it wasn’t that that was the issue. I had problems with running previous scenarios in my head which I couldn’t get rid of and she helped me get rid of those, helped me to move on from certain things and helped me deal with grief. I realised that I was feeling emotions and a lot of the problems that had arisen were mostly down to being busy and tired.

These new techniques seemed to clean my brain out allowing me to start again in certain areas. I enjoyed the hypnosis feeling, I really liked her calm voice. This work is more about learning rather than counselling which is in the moment, this is something you can take with you for the future and rely on forever, not just a one-hit wonder!

I now have a better relationship with my partner, I’m sleeping better and am less stressed. I would and I already have recommended her to various people with various relationship issues who have used counselling without the success they wanted.

Nic’s great and I’d recommend her to anyone. I was very sceptical at first and kind of at my wits end with trying different things so was amazed how well it worked.

Advice to other people – give it a go and have an open mind, go with it. If you convince yourself its not going to work for you then it probably wont. Plus I recommend to do it when you’re not tired.

Laura Foulkes, Dorset

I came for muscle spasms in lower back initially. But since, I’ve also been for sciatica, lymphatic drainage, anxiety and general relaxation.

At first, I was slightly hesitant for the initial back pain as I had previous experience of chiropractic style treatment in mind, but it was so much more relaxing, non-invasive and holistic (not particularly localised to the painful area) I wondered how this was really going to help – but it absolutely did!

I have less pain and a more aligned and relaxed body. Feeling like I float out the door at the end of a session is one of the best things I like about the experience with Nic. I’ve gotten better at letting go and am continuing to improve. I have recommended Nic to my colleagues, family and friends. I know my father, my partner and a friend have all been to see her for various things (physical and emotional) and have all said great things!

LC, Dorset

I came to see Nic as I was stressed out, anxious and feeling like I wasn’t doing well enough at my job and being hard on myself over a lot of things. I had heard about Nics work and she’d already helped my partner out so I didn’t have any hesitations other than wondering whether it would do the trick!

After just one session I have felt genuinely less stressed and even though the workloads haven’t changed I’ve felt more in control and able to manage it better (most of the time). I’ve still had my moments but not as many as before and am able to think back to what I learnt to help bring myself out of it.

The session itself was amazing and I came away from it feeling so calm and refreshed. Nic is so easy to chat to and finds techniques to suit whatever it is you need.

As well as the benefit you get from the session, its great to know that Nics always there if you need anything more.

Id recommend her to anyone. I’m a big believer that the majority of people would benefit from some sort of mind coaching and I think this is different to your usual counselling as you don’t dwell too much on the past, and quickly learn ways to move forward instead.

I think face-to-face sessions would be best but that’s not always possible so having online appointments are great and worked well for me. Nics super calm, relaxed and intuitive and comes up with interesting techniques which actually work!

What brings you here? What do you want to achieve? Let’s work together to get you the outcome you deserve.

I’m always happy to chat and answer any thoughts or questions you may have regarding anything at all.

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