When I put on a workshop last year the feedback was suggestive of taking a teacher training course.  So I did!

If I can’t engage the minds and hearts of who ever i’m connecting with, the information I share will be less valuable. 

I know as a coach how to get rapport and offer insights on a 1:1 basis, In a class room setting I had a lot to learn. 

A group of people all with different minds, ideas, goals, challenges.
How to tailor my content, recognise different ways of sharing information, planning and preparation. Even legislations I had to get on board with, very new to me.

A lot of paper work, ordered curriculum, sometimes crosseyed and mind boggled, I stuck it out. 

I made sure I focused on what I wanted to get out of this. 
A better skill set to be able to share the magic of the mind in a way that allows others to alter the course of their thoughts, behaviours, what they think about themselves and others.

City & Guilds provided the opportunity, I turned up.

The content of this teacher training course was excellent, instantly recognisable for how I can use it. 

As an adjunct to mind coaching and delivering seminars, this is now allowing me to hone my skills specifically for group education.
If you are interested in bringing mind matters into a group setting let’s have a chat.

It is me as a conveyer of information and how I do this that matters. What ever information I have, it is worthless if I am not meeting the needs of others.
I have an opportunity to inspire, create curiosity and empower more individuals. Sir Ken Robinson, undoubtedly one of the greatest gifts to teaching and the future of our children’s minds. This is a beautiful 2 minute video with him.

You know what it is like when you learn something that makes you go ‘wow’…..

That is how I’ve been through out my mind coaching training over the years. If I can sprinkle that infectious enthusiasm in an environment that helps to soften mental health difficulties, open up to deep respectful loving communication between self and others. Im happy. 

children learning in natures way of helping