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Mind and Body Coaching for you and your team’s personal development and mental wellbeing

There has never been a more important time to increase the investment you provide in your workforces personal development and mental wellbeing. You, your colleagues and your business deserve to be nourished and supported in such a way as to maximise satisfaction and productivity levels.

My talks, seminars & workshops are bespoke to you and your team. They are designed to encourage and enhance personal development, authenticity, wellbeing and positive mental & physical health.

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Examples of previous seminars & online programmes for businesses.

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BPP University
Sector: Education

A live online seminars.  Through out the pandemic new challenges were faced by all.  BPP, an international teacher training company embraced the need for thier staff to have as much support as possible.   Click here for more information.

not just travel logo

Not Just Travel
Sector: Travel Franchises

Online workshops, seminars & courses.  One of the UK’s leading Travel franchises faced tremendous difficulties dut to the pandemic.  I put together 3 diverse programmes, to be access through a training platfrom for unlimeted personalised learning.  NLP, Mind Coaching, Hypnotherapy.  Click here for more insights.


Citizens Advice
Sector: Independent charity

Staff meeting talks and up and coming workshops for mental health in the work place.  Supporting those who support the community.  More insights here

Talks / Seminars

Talks can be tailored to suit you and/or your business. Whether you’re wanting an informal get together, or a more corporate, structured event, I’m here to help identify and discuss what you want and deliver an event to meet your specific needs. I’m happy to share insights into any of the work I do, be it Mind Coaching, Hypnotherapy or Pain Relief.  All of these are available for online presentations, so what ever lock downs or restictions appear to be in place we can still reach out, help & enable for change.


Half-day or whole day workshops are available. Involving the practical application of mindset insights, these days can be as proactive as the group requires to get the best results. Some workshops are for self-exploration and questioning the workings of their mind. Others are specifically educational, focused on communication and language skills with tools such as NLP. Tailored to your requirements, we can design a specific format for the occasion & even deliver online.


As you already know a business is all about the staff, when they are on form, the rest just happens.  Focus on mental health in the workplace is now commonplace.  It’s an integral part of well being and for some people having this oportunity at work is the only chance they get.  These talks, seminars & workshops are a great way to bring in a visible & valuable tool to help enhance mindset. It’s not just the information shared that is key, it’s also the practical and immediate use of the work that makes my approach a great asset for any business or group.

Staff development

What’s on offer:

Communication strategies

Behaviour patterns

Nonverbal communication

Motivation triggers

Gain clear direct information to help improve connections and relationships within the business. Avoid pitfalls and miscommunication in any strategic relationship. Discover communication models and gain flexibility in your own responses and behaviours, so you can adapt with every individual to get the best outcome.

Nonverbal communication can impact dramatically in any interaction. It is unconscious; what are you saying to each other, your staff, colleagues, clients without realising? How can discovering attitudes and motivation triggers change the outcome and success of professional relationships?

With this newly acquired information, you’ll see how partnerships in the workplace can shift and change. Client relationships become more authentic and long-lasting. This information is all about communication success and influencing others to build genuine relationships, allowing for the desired outcome for all parties concerned.

If you’re curious as to how this may work for you and your team, get in touch for a free 30-minute consultation >

Mental Health

What’s on offer:

How the mind works

Hands-on treatment

How we communicate

Group hypnotherapy

Guided meditations

Mind matters influence our abilities and impact on us where ever we are, at work, at home, with friends or just on our own.

If there is a struggle somewhere in our lives it will travel and affect us in any area and create a disturbance within.

My workshops and talks are light-hearted, informative and can even be fun! Come away with new tools to gain understanding as to what’s happening in our heads and how to use this to our advantage for change.

Find out more about my Mind Coaching or Hypnotherapy practice >


What’s on offer:

Hands-on treatment

Tips and tricks for physical wellbeing

I can help with physical pain and discomfort in the workplace. Using hands-on treatment I can adapt to any environment, working with people seated or standing in the office or in a designated area. No treatment couch needed.

Physical constraints at work are very common. We can tailor for each individual at their workstation or share in a group setting, providing insights and tips and tricks to use that you can adjust and adapt to help you.

You decide what’s best if you have more information you can make better choices. When we’re sitting comfy and all is well how much more productivity and quality can we achieve?

Reduce physical discomfort, maintain and even gain a better state of being for yourself, your staff or colleagues to allow for greater wellbeing.

My pain-relieving techniques include; Bowen Technique, Emmett Technique, Sports and Remedial Massage.

Discover what these techniques involve and how they work >

“Your mindset is just as important as your skillset”

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