Emotions and feelings cause us to act.
How we act is how we keep something alive.
We don’t want to keep old feelings alive because they’re not benefitting us in this now
If we don’t like how we act, stuck behaviours, and it’s causing us to suffer, we have to locate the emotion, feelings behind it.

We are often unconscious to the triggers, the ones that flip us into the behaviour or feeling we don’t like and that means is difficult to locate and change.
Even if we are aware of what we think is triggering us at the time we have to get to the original source. This means going beyond the conscious awareness and into the dark….
The depths of the subconscious mind. Down the rabbit hole….
This is where it become fascinating.
If you feel concerned know this, we never re’experience anything, we only ever remember…
And done with a professional like myself, you’re safe and always in control.

The original source is the first ever learning, the first time we experienced that emotion which can be the key to lasting change. The solution to unsticking unwanted behaviours.

Back when it happened it was simply a learning.
An event that had been seared into our minds with an emotion.
It happens quickly, when an experience creates a strong emotion it leaves a memory in a flash.

Or we can think about something a lot, let’s say if we don’t understand it, it didn’t make sense and then it turns and turns in our mind until it becomes subconscious
Either way, unconsciously we always remember it,.

What i’m going to guide you though now is one way of addressing uncomfortable stuck behaviours, feelings, strong difficult emotions.

Writing in a journal with nic wood mind carer

  • Bring to mind what you want to work with.
    Feel whats going on in your body.
  • When was the last time you felt the same feeling?
    You may experience this as images of memories, sounds of an experience like voices or other noises. Physical sensations in your body.
    Trust the first thing that comes up for you. Your subconscious mind knows more about it than your conscious mind does. Even if it doesn’t make sense, go with it.
  • Trust
  • Then ask yourself when was the earliest time you felt that feeling?
  • Ask yourself is there an experience before this I had the same feeling?
  • Keep asking yourself until you sense you have arrived at the first time.

By travelling back to the first time you ever felt that emotion you can pull it out from the roots. Like a weed that had over grown, simply a plant in the wrong place we need to get all of it out and its so much easier when its tiny. Only then when we have it all we are able to decide for what purpose it is useful, where is it better suited or what to do with it now?

There is always an opportunity to find learnings from here, you know for yourself ‘every cloud has a silver lining’

  • If there are other people involved ask what were their highest intentions. This means looking for the good in their actions/words/behaviours.
  • Look at the scene from different angles, like a fly on a wall. From the eyes any others.
  • Change the colouring in your mind. Soften the colours, bring healing light in.
  • Change the sounds.
  • From where you are can you look out the window? Or if you’re outside where are you?
    Is the world still turning?
  • As you play with it be gently aware of the physical sensations in your body, where are they, how do they feel, how are they changing as you change your perspective
  • If you knew then what you know now, how would you have done things/responded differently. Remember no judgement, simply acceptance, recognition, curiosity.

When your subconscious mind has all the learnings it needs you’ll find yourself naturally floating back to this now.
This present moment with all of the learnings unconscious to your conscious mind or clear and obvious as they comfortably and quietly ripple out into your new life.
Who are you now?

Addressing a feeling leads to dissolving stuck behaviours and the creation of new ones.  Never underestimate where the roots had reached out and connected to.  Where the vines or branches had touched, weaved them selves silently through and this means there is no limit to how that one change will impact on everything else in your life!

As you know it’s easier to make lasting changes when theres no struggle, no battle inside. When the weeds are pulled there is space for what you’re wanting there instead.  

seedlings you chose in your hand
flowers and tress in the sunlight