In this video below i share my views and thoughts on what shame is, how it becomes such a limiting problem and why we can get so stuck. As with all my videos I want to share with you different avenues of thought, new ways of looking at things and tools that can be used straight away to help you consider alternatives, to help some stretch beyond the confines of their current thinking. All with the hope to perhaps inspire and motivate some for change, even ways to help speed up the process. No one has to live with feeling ashamed, we all mess up at times yes some worse than others. But it’s not what we have done that matters it’s how we move forward from it. Did we learn, did we change from it, how can we learn to learn from our perceived errors, so we don’t have to struggle and repeat the same mistakes.

Let go of feeling ashamed

Discover for yourself how you can let go of your limiting beliefs, with the art of uncovering what you’re really saying. Your thoughts are exactly that, YOURS. No one else can make you think something, how are you holding you back, are you curious?

Mind Coaching with myself Nic Wood can help you to uncover and make adjustments as we go along to gain what it is that you need to get you out of your spiralling negative thoughts. Whether it’s the words that you say to yourself, the images you portray or see of yourself. Just consider for a moment how it would be to be content and accepting of who you are, don’t let you hold you back, let go what was and move forward towards who you want to be so you don’t have to feel a deep sense of shame anymore.
Who might you be now?