Motivation, derived from the word motive. A reason for doing something

Behind every action or inaction lies motivation.

Without motivation we procrastinate, stuff doesn’t get done! This can lead to frustration, pain, anger, it can deepen depression, lead to anxiety…….. I don’t think you need me to go on

If there is something you want to do but keep putting off, procrastinating, avoiding, then it could be useful to look at the meaning of the word.

Motive “Reason for doing something”

Whats yours?

What is your ‘Why?’

You know what you want to do.
It’s very likely you know how you’re going to do it.
So then you need to ask yourself ‘why’ do you want to do it?

What will it get you?

When you get clearer on your reasons behind doing something it can be a lot easier to align yourself and get it done. Persisting, persevering, pushing yourself through challenges to succeed.

This is one of the tips I was chatting about with Charlotte Bulpitt, @diabetic_and_healthy on her recent podcast.
Getting clear on your ‘Why’s’
Have a listen to this episode to get the strategy behind discovering your emotional drivers, your values, the kindling to your fire.

If you don’t know the deeper reasons behind why you want to do something and you keep procrastinating you can naturally get to the point when you do it…..

This statement by Stephen Pressfield sums up beautifully what goes on here; “At some point, the pain of not doing becomes greater than the pain of doing.”

Does this give you a bit of insight too?

As a mindcoach it’s my role to help people recognise their skills and abilities. It’s something people often stop recognising when they’re not in a good head space.
When it comes to motivation every one has it, and its a transferable skill…….

As a diabetic, the pain of not taking care of your blood sugars is a matter of life and death.

Knowing this, there is no question that a diabetic always monitors and regulates their blood sugar, or they wouldn’t be here.
Hmmm…… there’s motivation here is there not?
A whole process, a strategy successfully undertaken every day with out fail, and for many they don’t even realise it because it’s become second nature.

If you are motivated in one area of your life this means you can be motivated in more.

How then could this skill be transferable?

silhouette running

Is there something you are wanting to do and you’re procrastinating over it, not yet succeeding? Have a think and write it down.
Below it make a list of the steps needed, one by one to complete the task.
ie, going for a run,
• put your running clothes on,
• trainers on,
• get your keys,
• open the door,
• Close and lock the door (with you on the outside!!:)
• put one foot in front of the other,
• repeat
• speed up…….

Take a moment now and have a think about something you are already doing successfully.
What if you could pull apart the process behind your success strategy. Step by step note the stages. Put this in a column next to your new endeavour.

How could you transpose your new endeavour over this tried and tested method?
Take your time and look and notice what might be there to assist you.

If you listen to the podcast you’ll get more insights into how the mind works. Charlotte refers to her success strategy in her mind in one area and her not so successful strategy is accessed else where.
It’s fascinating to watch someones beautiful mind clearly communicate these differences.
NLP – Neurolinguistic programming is a great tool for mind mapping success

Who ever you are, what ever you do and what ever you are wanting to achieve, you are already standing on a mountain of your own skills and abilities.

You deserve to have all the success you dream of, you really do.

Did you know most of the books written about ‘achieving success’ are based upon breaking down the strategies of highly successful people.

Who better for you to copy than you xx

You are already standing on a mountain of your own skills & abilities 💙