Releasing Raynauds


Restricted blood supply causes painful fingers and toes.

Your body mind has limited the flow of blood to certain areas at certain times which means it can ‘unlimit’ it too. Releasing raynauds has been designed to invite the mind to relearn and readjust allowing the flow of blood to find its natural balance so you can enjoy comfortably life in all of its ways.

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Painful extremities can stop us doing things we love. Not only is this physically painful it can also bring with it emotional difficulties as life becomes restricted.

This audio is a relaxing guided journey to help you access the part of you that controls and regulates all aspects of your body. You’re breathing at this moment are you not? It is the part of you that controls your breath when you’re not thinking about it. No one else is doing it. You are. Which means you can.

Relaxation is another benefit from this audio, you already know the benefits on your body, state of mind, your life when you take the time to detach from the world and go inside.

Listen with headphones, at least 3 times. Sitting keeps you more alert as your mind absorbs all the positive suggestions, if you want to lie down that is fine, you may find yourself drifting into sleep

Take some time when you wont be disturbed and enjoy xx


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