Becoming More Conscious

Becoming More Conscious


Do you struggle with yourself? How you feel, how you think, chronic problems?
Perhaps you wan’t to understand why you behave the way that you do. If so, then this series of 4 video’s could be for you.


These 4 videos take you on a journey to become more self aware.

So often we go through life responding and reacting to situations, people, events, on auto pilot.  This means we are 'tarnishing it all with the same brush,' rather than seeing it for a new experience.
This is all based on previous below-conscious experiences & learnings.

Are you tired of being the way that you are?
Frustrated with how you react around others or how your thoughts do what they do?

If you're not sure where to start these videos will take you on an educational experience of your mind.
Learn what's going on underneath. Understand why you've been doing what you've been doing.

Release yourself from those negative ways of being that no longer serve you.
See the world, people, places for what it really is.
A wonderful playground where you belong and are so deeply loved and respected.


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