We are energy, the matter part of us is a byproduct of an energetic creation. Chakra balancing for a creation you choose.

When it comes to our body, our behaviours or habits, old information is creating the experience. This means we want new information.

Let’s go to the energy centers that feed our system with information and clean up so we can recreate from a fresh, clear dynamic.

Three methods for refreshing the chakras when ever you’re feeling unsettled, in dis’ease, or anyway other than what you want.

Sound – Chanting.

Each Chakra has an individual frequency and sound associated with it. Simply chant, sing, say the mantra a few times, some say do it 9 times, i’ll do a minimum of 3.

Start either at the crown and move in order down to the root you may feel this grounding you. Or from the root up to the crown, I find this anchors and opens me.

Sometimes I will hold an image of a difficulty in my awareness as I chant through the mantra. This allows my energy of the challenge to be held, honoured and transmuted as I flow through. Chakra balancing is this simple.

There is no right or wrong way of doing this. Your way is the best way. Let it feel good, repeat as many times as you like. Pause after each round and feel the resonance flow through your entire body. Feels really quite special.

  • Lam – Root
  • Vam – Sacral
  • Ram – Solar plexus
  • Yam – Heart
  • Ham – Throat
  • Om – Third eye
  • Aum – Crown


EFT – Emotional freedom technique.
Great for trauma release, great for anything! Beautiful for chakra balancing.
I have such a lot of change with this tool. Is it the influence it has directly with the Vagus nerve, innervating a rest and digest response which means turning off the fight, flight, freeze mechanism? No one can answer for sure, but my body yawns a lot, and i know that is a signal of release.

  • Tap the karate chop point on the hand repeating what you want or don’t want along with “I completely love and accept myself.” Repeat 3 times.
  • Go through the tapping spots repeating your phrase and evolving it to arrive in a place of love and gratitude.
  • Follow this video with Brad Yates, for deep cleaning of a certain chakra of your choice.


Get yourself comfortable and quiet.
Grounding to begin with and set an intention to clean, rebalance and harmonise your chakra system.

  • Imagine a rose. Let it delve into your base chakra acting like a duster or velcro, pulling out, cleaning out any unwanted energy.
  • Work your way up through your chakras one by one. Cleansing and clearing. You may be drawn to spend longer in an area than others and that is just fine. Go with your flow.
  • Once all have been done, imagine a ray of light or ball of energy coming down through your crown chakra filing it up with white light. The purest form of love, neutrality and nurturing. When it is full, see the light flowing into the next chakra and so forth until the root.
  • Bring your right hand to your base chakra and draw it all the way up passing the side of every chakra till your crown. Imagine them all being spun with your hand. Spinning in perfect for your greatest of good.
  • Take a few deep refreshing, revitalising breaths and thank yourself for having taken part.

Play with them all, somedays you’ll be drawn more to one method and other days, a completely different one.
Any time any place any where, even if people look at you when you’re tapping…….. !!
It can be quick. The more you do it the easier it becomes and the quicker your future cleansings will be.

Just like washing our body, our energy body needs regular attention too. Doing this daily is a phenomenal gift. Especially in these fast changing times.

Doing it as and when you remember is magic and your body mind will thank you. As will I, because the more you do these and take ‘matter’s’ into your own hands and decide for yourself something needs to change. The more the world around you will benefit.

If you will change, everything will change for you. Don’t wait for things to change. Change doesn’t start out there, change starts within…… All change starts with you.

Jim Rohn