If you would like tips on overcoming anxiety when it comes to ‘doing’ things that you avoid, this could interest you.  We can learn how to over come struggles quickly and naturally. Imagine what it would be like to approach people, situations, tasks with a relaxed and open mind.

This blog will take you through insights into becoming aware of what is happening on the inside.
I’ll share a process with you, a few quick tips on dissolving and overcoming anxiety.
You can use this method any time any place any where.

Do you put things off through nerves, feeling anxious, worried?
What do you avoid doing or who do you avoid seeing because of ‘anxiety’?  All the while part of you knows it isn’t normal or its ‘stupid’.
This means you also beat yourself up about it and find it hard to tell anyone because it’s embarrassing. 

No-one will ever know what you have had to do to get to where you are right now. 

You have over come challenges, been bowled over with joy, pushed through pain, experienced wonder like no other. All the while having the proverbial curve ball slung at you time and time again.

You are still here, doing it, 
Doing life. 

Well done, its not easy!

Because no one will ever truly know your experience of life so far it means they won’t understand why you avoid or put off certain things. Why you feel the way you do.
They may even wonder why your reading a blog on ‘overcoming anxiety tips’

What do you avoid?

Making phone calls, saying no, asking for help?  Do you struggle with putting yourself first, asking for something back that belongs to you?

These are all elements that when consistently avoided create a lot of pain and frustration. Life becomes limited, not evolving as it could. 

The problem isn’t the thing you’re putting off or not doing.  It is a result, an effect of what is happening on the inside.  

It’s what I call an internal wobble.  Otherwise can be known as anxiety, PTSD, depression or others.  The labels can often be a shield from us truly connecting with what is actually happening underneath.

What might be happening for you inside your body?

It can show itself in the form of a churning stomach.  Pressure on the chest, hard to breathe.  Butterflies or contraction in your throat.  Tension in your jaw.  Breathing short and high in the chest

stones weighing heavy on you

Churning stomach
Butterflies. Pressure on your chest. Sweaty body parts.

Find the sensations happening in your body.  Sensations that lead your thoughts into worries, concerns, fear.

Underneath these sensations are the quiet whispers of our deeper limiting beliefs.  Thoughts that we decided were true a long time ago and now we don’t often hear them out loud.  We simply feel the echoing effects of them. 

“I haven’t got it in me” 

“I don’t belong here” 

“I’m not good enough”

“I don’t deserve it”

“I’m unlovable”

Perhaps they’re clear and heard or unconsciously known and felt.

These deep quiet whispers unfortunately have the power to keep a life we want out of our reach.  And often we are oblivious to them.  They are unconscious, until now.

These are feelings we so often push back down, turn away from, eat down, numb with drink, avoid with scrolling……

You know?

Non verbal communication

What feelings don’t you want to see, feel, know?

It does NOT need to be that way.
No-one should have to go through life holding back, shrinking, trying to fit it, denying themselves the success, joy and happiness they deserve.
Because no one should ever believe they are anything other than complete, whole and perfect.

If you can personally relate in anyway, or know someone who seems to shrink away, shying from life, this is where I come in.

There are many different ways as a mind coach and accredited hypnotherapist I can offer help.

These overcoming anxiety tips are simple and quick.  

Too quick for some.  As human beings we are very good at over complicating things. Do you over think? (Me too!!)

Here’s a suggestion that you can do on your own or surrounded by others. 
Any time any place, any where.  
And it’s simple, fast acting, because time is precious, and we learn at the speed of thought. 

  1. Catch it
  2. Feel it
  3. Follow it
  4. Smile
  5. Sigh 

STEP 1 – Catch it
The moment you are faced with something that up until now you have put off…. Stop.  
Take a pause.
Turn your awareness inside your body

How are you physically experiencing this?  
What arose in your body before you didn’t do what you want to do.  
Or before you did what you didn’t want to do.
What sensations are you becoming aware of?  Catch them.

Maybe tension in your jaw, pressure on your chest, flutters in your throat?

Your body communicates through sensations, feelings.  

What are you personally experiencing?
Catch it, notice it
This is what we’re seeking – Do not judge or put any meanings on it.

Simply feel it.
With kind curiosity notice and now follow it.
Describe it to yourself the sensations you are aware of.
Where is it, whats it’s like, how does is alter?
Give yourself permission to face the seemingly uncomfortable with curiosity. 

STEP 3 – Follow it
As you describe and connect with these sensations, saying it out loud or in your head, follow the waves of its state.  Sensations will fluctuate.  Even if you only notice it when your’e breathing, that’s ok.  Allow it to pulse, move, adjust, alter, intensify, soften, contract, disperse.  

Remember no judging.
No making meanings of anything.
Simply observe. 

STEP 4 – Smile
While you’re paying attention to what up until now you have turned your back on, bring a smile onto your beautiful face.
A smile that is genuine and full of warmth.  A smile that you would give a loved one to let them know you care.  A true smile.

STEP 5 – Sigh 
Now let out an audible sigh.  
The type of sigh that you have when you first sit down after a long day.
The one you let out after the first sip of a well deserved cup of tea…..

You know the ones….

Smile and sigh all the while you try and hold on to that old feeling
Try and you find you can not
Dissolved with the gift of your attention in a way that honours and respects every part of your being as it spoke to you. 

As you listened 
You listened to you

Watch the video below as I guide you through the experience.

Now approach that task from a new perspective

One of deserving
You deserve to have and do everything you desire.

Feel what it’s like to know you belong, you are worthy you are so loved.  Catch the feeling on the inside and approach the task with these sensations. 

Im not saying you will completely dissolve difficult feelings truly and deeply immediately, it may take a few cycles of this process to get to those deep seated ones.  But just like you learnt to walk, you kept getting back up and doing, so you can learn this too.

Progression is comfortable, natural. 

Remember, overcoming anxiety tips are personal and limitless.  

You are always free to

  1. Catch it
  2. Feel it
  3. Follow it
  4. Smile
  5. Sigh

Can it really be that simple? Overcoming anxiety tips.
Yes it can….
Picture this….

Venting with one of your close friends, expressing a difficult situation, frustration, and they don’t say anything.
They whole heartedly listen to you.
No judgement, no taking sides, no advice.
Just a welcomed ear. 

How did you feel after?
Feels good to be heard does it not?

Like the weight of the world lifted from your shoulders. 
Something just happens when we’re heard does it not?

This is exactly what you are gifting you every time to turn your awareness inside.
When sensations arise and you focus kindly on them
You’re listening to you.
Nothing else is needed
Just an ear. 

It’s not just me suggesting we pay attention to the uncomfortable – this medically reviewed article agrees.

Every time you do this you are washing your system.
You’re weakening that old engrained neurology of an outdated limiting belief

.Which means you are opening up to new ways of doing things, new ways of being, of seeing, hearing, sensing.
There is no limit to where this smiling and sighing will effect. 

Life shows us magic every time we look for it.

Our body is always communicating with us, if we listen, pay attention, we will hear it.  
We will feel it

You don’t have to understand its messages, translating the language of your true self.
This simply act of listening causes a release and the byproduct of this is healing.

Every time you use these overcoming anxiety tips or any others, you are always opening up to the natural, innate ability you have to self heal. 

Building self confidence so you can jump for joy
You self heal. It’s your natural ability. Every time you overcome any anxiety you heal.

Every time you feel your way with curiosity and objective observations you’re going beyond old limitations and beliefs. 

You’re reconnecting with the part of you that has been hidden and hurting. 
Becoming whole again. 
So you can become who you really are and live the life you really do deserve

You are worthy and you are wonderful. 
Feel the softness of the love that I am opening outward to you in this very now. 
Let it soothe and embrace you 

You are so loved. 

Feel the love that you are.