Imagine owning your own Franchise where the company invests its time and resources into providing a tailored wellbeing package for you…
Welcome to Not Just Travel’s Wellbeing experience.
A local company in Christchurch who franchisees stretch out nationwide.

I was approached by Steve Witt of Not Just Travel regarding wellbeing before the pandemic struck. Wanting to provide a range of services for his team at head office to help we chatted about what i could bring into the workplace. This took the form of mind coaching workshops, hypnotherapy sessions and hands on pain relief.

And then the world changed…. Ok, so its always changing, but I think you know where I’m going here.

At the beginning of lock down I created a complimentary hypnotherapy audio. This was for anyone who might have been remotely struggling with the fear of the impending crisis. Feel free to have a listen from here.
I shared it with Steve just in case it could have been useful for Not Just Travel and their wellbeing. Also for absolutely anyone else who could have benefited, it was a tough time. Since then we’ve been in contact, Steve relating the struggles they are currently facing. What could i suggest, how might i be able to help?

I put together a selection of programmes to generally help deal with confidence and stress. When it comes to wellbeing Not Just Travel know there’s a selection of avenues to take. The programmes won’t appeal to all so i’ve got some very different packages which i hope will provide something for everyone.

Clear communicating skills

This is a practical language skills approach, including NLP tools, subconscious patterns and other tips and tricks to provide a Clear communicating programme. It’s a series of short videos and training notes to build on an existing skill set. i also share nuggets of really useful vocabulary skills that have allowed me to be a more effective practitioner and communicator.
It’s all designed to be helping to avoid miscommunication, reduce stressful interactions. Creating and developing more rapport. All this leads to gaining more confidence and improving longterm customer relationships. The ability to steer interactions purposefully coming from a place of integrity and trust is a wonderful skill to have.


De’stressing and building confidence. A six stage guided audio programme. Starting with an introduction into how safe and easy hypnosis is followed by a weaving of magic with words throughout the next phases. Those who immerse themselves in this will find their own skills and abilities shining forth. Everyone has their own talents and areas where they’re already successful. Hypnosis is excellent at enabling people to notice this. And then leads to these extending and growing beyond their confines. Such a relaxing and easy way to make deep and lasting changes in our mindsets.

Mind Coaching for Wellbeing

Becoming more conscious….. This programme is designed to help wake up sleepwalkers. I say this from a place of personal experience. Sleep walking through life, on autopilot. This is how many exist, reacting to life based on previous experiences and learnings. This is an opportunity to discover who they’ve been being which naturally leads into a forming of new beliefs, values and identities. This all becomes a lot clearer when you’re on board. Or perhaps some of you saw some of my early lockdown videos….
It’s a great journey, can be tough at times, the truth can sometimes be a bit uncomfortable so its not for the faint hearted, and there is a bit of work involved. The rewards however greatly outweigh the input, all I ask for is those who do this to come with an open mind.

So the team and all at NJT are potentially about to embark on some amazing life changing opportunities all fully provided for.

Of course im going to say Amazing! Haha
As many of you know, I love what I do. I love the workings and exploring of the mind, of language and the impact it has. Much of this passion has come from a love of the subconscious mind and also through the incredible personal change and growth I have experienced. The opportunity to share this work and insights with others is a privilege and a joy.
So Thankyou all, I look forward to connecting with you.