Self-sabotage, bad habits, repeating the same mistakes are just some of the problems that I help people work through and resolve.

As a Mind Coach using the Hudson Mind Theory, I educate and guide people in how their Mind Works.  Part of this involves learning about your subconscious communication, as this happens it causes an interruption of the problems and patterns that are being used whilst at the same time creating a conscious awareness of previously below conscious drivers.

Your conscious mind is your decision-maker and makes up only 5% of your thinking capacity.  The information you receive to make these decisions comes from your subconscious mind, 95%.  If your subconscious mind has a different plan to your conscious mind, who’s going to win?

In a session with myself, you will be picking up on what your subconscious mind is communicating, as you uncover the information you will naturally become aware of the course you’ve been travelling on and this will lead to clearer solutions to the problem.   Just in a conversation, using the art of language you can overcome and change from physical, mental and emotional problems.  It’s all done in an upbeat, interesting and relaxed session online or in person.

Imagine how much more focused and successful you will be when you’re able to get your subconscious mind on your side so you can achieve these goals you’ve been thinking about for so long.

You know for yourself if there’s something you’ve been aspiring to and haven’t yet achieved.

Self sabotage

The structure of your mind