MRI scans are a crucial part to investigations of illness or injury.
For many people they can also become an anxiety fuelled nightmare in their own right.

Going into the MRI scanner can create a feeling of being trapped in an enclosed space, claustrophobia some may call it. The noises, loud banging and clunks.
A feeling of not being in control leads to helplessness, fear and can turn into panic.

Then there’s the thought of it. A build up of anxiety as the date of the scan approaches. The days leading up to it can become fraught and create a cascade of stress hormones. This is a natural response, it really is ok, unless it is prolonged. Unfortunately if there is a perceived threat, which the MRI scan is for many, then there will be ongoing stress. When our system is constantly on alert it is not conducive to a restorative state. It takes energy and precious resources in our body to counteract the effect of this problem. Taking the focus away from the real need at hand, the reason for the scan.

This unnecessary fear of an MRI scan is adding a lot more stress to an already tough time.

MRI scanner

I was asked by Tamaly Andrews for help. A lady dealing with brain tumour treatment. Can you imagine how many scans Tammy has had, and may have to have?
The stress and experience of dealing with a brain tumour, which by the way she does remarkably, is quite enough wouldn’t you say?
What if you were to add to her plate worry, anxiety and panic, every time a scan was booked in. Then place the heavy niggily feeling in the back of her mind as it got closer. Then the heightened panic on the day, the walk into the hospital, the sight of the MRI machine, and then being strapped down….. ok, ok, enough Nic, I think they get the picture.
Not a good combo!

I believe it doesn’t have to be this way.

Could I do anything to help her and many others who struggle painfully with the the MRI scan?

Tammy is very proactive at raising money and helping others with similar problems. As a member of different support groups she noticed she wasn’t alone with the problem. Some people had anxiety when the scan was approaching. Others when in the MRI machine, would panic. Even with all the facts, and logic of the process, the help that was there. None of it could override the physical symptoms of panic and genuine fear that was experienced.

So here we are;
I created a deeply relaxing & educational hypnotic audio. Something that you can do all by yourself in the comfort of your own home. It is designed to help change the stressful reaction you’ve been experiencing.

27 minutes of gentle ambient music with words to help you drift in and through an informative & mind opening experience. To be used before the scan is due. It can also be taken into the scan, if they have the facilities. The most important thing is that you have listened to it at least 3 times, before the scan is due.

How does it work?

To change our reactions we need to change our minds.
Only you know what you experience, why it happens and what it means to you.
Because the reaction is beyond our physical control, we have to go to the part of us we are not consciously aware of. This is the same part that controls our heart rate, the growing of our hair, digests our food. We need to change the way we think, go beyond our current perception to get new results.
Results we want.

What do you want instead?
A calm relaxing MRI scan. To be able to approach it with no worries or concerns. To be able to focus your attention when in the scanner to help you get through it painlessly.

This hypnosis audio is designed to give you supporting techniques when you’re having the MRI. To help you get yourself through with out panic or fear. Staying still and calm to get the best results.
I share insights to invite new ways of looking at the experience. Having flexibility of thought helps us to see things in new ways, and right now it’s possible you’re thoughts are fixed in one way, dread?
As you drift in and out of deep relaxation and a lighter state of consciousness you can discover some of your many skills and abilities. These are resources you already have, and you can use them to help you experience a more appropriate response.

Experiencing an MRI scan with a sense of ease or calmness, gives you back control. And this means you can focus your attention on where it’s really needed. Healing, resting, repairing.

You know for yourself the importance of these scans, how could approaching it in a different way or having a better experience help you?

If you’re curious and not sure about hypnosis, have a listen to any of my free audios.
Follow this link, and see for yourself whats available. Youtube
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Ear phones are most important.
From there, take some time when you won’t be disturbed.
Sit up or lie down, close your eyes or keep them open, its entirely up to you :)

Listen to them at least 3 times to get deeper results.

The MRI care hypnosis audio as a prescription needs to be listened to a minimum of 3 times. If they have the facilities you could listen to it in the machine during your scan. The idea is that you use it well before your due your scan. This means your mind can update its new ways of thinking in time for an easier experience in the machine. Having another listen before you go in is always going to be useful. You’ll know for your self whats the best course of action for you.

Have a think about what you want when it comes to your health. Whats important to you? If this audio can help you to get what you really want in a comfortable and easy way. Follow this link, and download the mp3 now

When you’ve listened, and when you have had a chance to use your new skills, let me know what you think. Your feedback is a big part of my learning, and helps to create less stress and more ease for others.

Thankyou & enjoy xx

mri case hypnosis audio daisy

Available to buy and download now.

MRI Care.