Mothers impact our lives tremendously.
Some people have wounds that need healing. What if looking through a different lens could soften the pain, follow me for a minute won’t you and consider this in relation to mother wound healing……

single red apple on a tree

“The apple never falls far from the tree….”

The relationships people have with their mothers cover every possible way of being.
Mother/ Smother, Loving, distant, selfish, giving, angry, sad, fun, inert, loud, meek, mild, strong.

Every Mum under the sun is no different from you and me.
“They never fell far from their tree either.”
Learning what they know from their mother figures. Learning how to parent by the way they were shown, which was their experience.

We will never know what they were or were not exposed to. What they endured, what they experienced, and what they made it all mean

Every Mother has only done her best with what she knew. And she may have known very little in the context of touch and outward displays of affection. She may have known a lot about how to ‘play’ a Victim. What if she had to become a ‘mum’ to her siblings, how would that have shaped her do you think?

Everything she witnessed, experienced and believed created the foundations for her expression of ‘Mother’.

When we detach ourselves from the identity of daughter, son, child and relinquish seeing them as a mother, we can see them as a woman, a person, a Being.
An individual who just like you is navigating this territory usually blindfolded or with a very outdated map.

It can help us to appreciate the mammoth task they undertook with the resources they had. Remembering the era they grew up in and what was acceptable or not back then, even the help that was available is very different to now.

This can soften criticism, resentment, disappointment or it can simply open our hearts tremendously and we realise how utterly grateful we are for the care they provided in the best way they knew how.

They learnt from your grandparents who learnt from your great-grandparents who learnt from theirs.
Can you see the infinite, endless portal of lessons received?

This means there can never be blame, because the lineage is infinite or if there is blame, consider who started it, and if you can come up with an answer, ask yourself who they learnt that from?

It has no tangible beginning.

But it can have an end.
You can choose to interrupt the cycle.
Which means healing a mother wound. Healing Yourself
And as you heal one, you heal many because they are all inseperable.

Step back from seeing your mother as your mother and see her as a unique individual doing her best, just like you,

We are all doing our best, our best with what we know, that is in our consciousness.
And as we learn more and become more conscious we can update and change and choose our ways of behaving and acting,
Conscious choosing.

Conscious awareness is a gift.
A gift of flexibility in our nature, adaptability to circumstances and a position of comfort in life without needing to know, without needing to be in control.
And this means freedom

As you know freedom is a state of mind,

Release your Mother, witness the beautiful being they are and free your selves to become who you might be.
“If I let go of who I am I become who I might be – Lao Tzu.”

“If I let go of who I am I become who I might be” Lao Tzu.

Here is a Thankyou to my Mum.
For being utterly perfect in the role she played & is still playing, for me to become the Being I am meant to be.
I am so grateful to you Mum,

I Love you so very very much.