Mind Coaching

Mind Coaching gives you time to relax, be still and reflect.
This can open up a world of new possibilities so you can have the health and happiness you want, naturally

Chronic stress, pain, anxiety and depression are at epidemic levels in modern society with more than 10% of the population suffering at any one time.

For those that are struggling it can be extremely debilitating and exhausting. It can feel like you are not in control of your thoughts, your head, and therefore your life.  It impacts on so many areas from our relationships, to our health, our work our social lives, and so much more.

As a former sufferer of chronic stress and anxiety,
I know first-hand just how much it can affect who you are, your confidence how you think about yourself, it hurts.

I also found it very difficult to reach out and ask for help, I didn’t know what I needed or wanted.  I want people to know help is here, no one has to suffer in silence.

Now I help people to start living a life full of the qualities they are wanting, maybe its happiness, fulfilment, maybe peace of mind or simply calmness and clarity in potentially stressful situations, what do you want?

My aim is for us to work together at your pace in areas of your life you would like to improve. This is a unique process based on each individuals’ needs and as such, the number of sessions required will vary from person to person.

How I work

Helping you to uncover the truth behind what you’re saying, what do your words and thoughts mean to you? What are you therefore really saying?

One to one work with my Clients takes the form of a relaxed conversation, we are in a safe, comfortable environment and we simply chat.

As we chat we all communicate on many different levels. You may be familiar with the following statistic, only 30% of communication is ultimately verbal. It is the non-verbal communication that conveys so much more, information that we are often not conscious of.

This non-verbal communication can itself lead us to discover, for example, if we are still stuck on something we may consciously believe we’ve already dealt with.

The structure behind the very words we use give direction into our underlying patterns, motivation and attitudes. Where we look as we chat, also allows us to connect with our memory bank, recalling information, and showing how we use this in the very moment. The area this directly correlates to in our mind is also known as ‘The Screen’ – a term coined by Matt Hudson to help people establish a familiarity with the area of our mind most integral to our moment to moment reactions.

Every moment beyond the verbal word, every action every inaction is a clue to who we are being. We can not not communicate. You are the key to your own challenges and changes.

How does the mind… and mind coaching actually work?

This is an educational approach that has been developed to effectively treat a myriad of mental, physical and behavioural conditions in a fraction of time when compared to other conventional methods. 95% of clients improve within 3 sessions or less.

A lot of learning will happen in our sessions, learning on how the mind works, learning on your ‘non-verbals’ and what they mean to you. All this new information you will gain interrupts the stress state.

When we‘re stressed we function based on needing to evade, get to safety. This involves a physiological response in our body. Such as blood shunting to our limbs so we can run, vision changing from peripheral to tunnel vision to keep us focused on survival, and our energy is redirected to support the high demand of this mechanism and potential need of instant fuel for escape. The cost of this energy focus is at the detriment to our immune system and our healing, repairing abilities. This can give an understanding why chronically stressed individuals get sick. 

During a mind coaching session being in a curious mindset, we automatically interrupt our stress response, so that tunnel vision we’d been limiting ourselves with can open up and we suddenly start noticing new information, what we hadn’t been noticing. Does this make sense? Email me with any queries.

As our awareness opens at the same time as being exposed to new insights, it is as if our minds unravel our stories, naturally and effortlessly. Revealing, remembering, allowing us to notice what we hadn’t been noticing, often gaining new understanding to old problems, giving us the why’s to what we had been doing or not doing.

The natural direction from this is more choice, we automatically have new options. Whether it is through actions, behaviours, the way we think about things, how we react to situations or people, the new responses can be endless.

Our minds always go for an upgrade

There is no wrong or right answer in this work, whatever you get a sense of, and whatever this means for you is all that is important.

After these sessions we often continue to naturally unravel and process information, some people can feel exhausted, emotional, and others just continue to improve. Every response is an indication of new learning, how you respond with yours will be different to someone else’s, just go with it.

You cannot unlearn information into how you’re doing your problems, once you notice, it is in. This means as life continues to evolve and happen, any curveballs that get flung in your path, because there will be some, you’ll find yourself able to manage, using these tools to help you through other situations and potential tough times. It will always be with you.

The idea behind this work is to “Sort, not Support”, Matt Hudson.

Visit the evidence page if you want more detail on the science behind this.

I want you to be able to change in a way that allows you to get on with living again, and this means not coming back every week, you wouldn’t put your car in a garage for a service and pick it up 4yrs later, would you?
So why would this be acceptable for us?

What to expect

Before our first session, I will ask you to send me an email in regards to what you want help with. You can share as little or as much as is right for you. Having this before we meet will allow us to make the most of our session time.

When our sessions start, we begin with a relaxed conversation. As we chat, and I listen, I study your non-verbal communication, underlying patterns of human behaviour (motivation and attitude) based upon the physiology and language of meta models, and the screen HMP.

I will be quietly digging into your below conscious communication which I will report back to you to allow you to learn what is keeping you stuck. This enables you to unlock potential, overcome challenges and limiting beliefs and to achieve goals.

How many sessions will I need?

Good question, it’s different for everyone. Most Clients opt for a package of 3, a great way to discover and change, implement all the changes and work with anything else that may come up

Some Clients have just one session to help them sort their current state, this work can be quick, and many Clients make their own great changes with just a little bit of clear and concise awareness of themselves. Some people don’t want to commit to something they’re not yet sure of, could this be you? Just have one session, you’ll know what’s best for you. And, for those who want to work over a period of time, I offer a 6-month package.

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