What your mind believes your body will follow because your Body and Mind are One. And because your body is for life, consider this:

If you turn on yourself, give harsh, critical words to yourself, some say don’t be surprised if you become depressed…
I’m lazy, I’m stupid, I’m ugly, I’m useless, I’m a failure……. your words in your mind telling your body.

Do you ever say not particularly nice or helpful things to yourself?
Do you hear others saying negative statements about themselves?

I want to share with you the hidden meanings behind what is being said.

What ever we say to, or about ourselves, creates a clear direct message from our mind to our body. Our body then honours and obeys without questioning.

This example “I am lazy”
When obeyed, becomes a vicious circle. Because you will come to have less energy, need to sleep more, feel sluggish. Your cells are following your command and will adjust the inner equilibrium to match the minds directives.

Whats behind the words? Learning how your mind works gives understanding, act on this learning and then get the changes.

‘I am lazy’
The prefix I AM – denotes an identity. If you say this kind of thing to yourself, your whole being then associates with the negativity.
All of you!
I am = all of me

In reality, laziness is an action, (or inaction) it’s a behaviour, it’s something that you do.
You can be really good at ‘doing’ lazy.
It is NOT who you are.
You are you, a woman, a man, a person who does laziness beautifully

I am lazy.
Every where?
Are there any times or places where/when you aren’t lazy?
You’re more than just your job, your social circle, your relationship, your hobby, there are so many areas to life. And when you take off those “I am lazy” goggles, or what ever you like to say to yourself, you may notice what you hadn’t been noticing.
Because when you actually reflect on what you’re saying
It’s not true.

Understand for yourself the meaning of what your labelling yourself with. What is your mind telling your body?
What does ‘lazy’ actually mean for you?
Look at the images it conjures up.
Get a sense of what you’re orchestrating on the quiet.

As your’e considering the words you say to yourself, or the words your friends say to themselves.
Know that you’re considering this now because you care.

You care about others or you care about yourself, because otherwise you wouldn’t still be reading this…

And if caring is sharing, because to care you share compassion
This means you’re giving and kind.
And you can only give kindness and care from a place of love
So this means your loving

You are loving
Yep, you are, because your reading this, this means your loving

From me to you because I love you and you are love xxx

Art work by Dean McTaggart