WOW 🤩 Our Meditation Evening on the 15th of February was truly magical 💫

The space at The Cedar Tree was perfect with everyone getting comfy in their own way with pillows, bolsters and blankets.

Some chose to sit, most chose to lie down. The beauty of meditation is the knowing that your way is the right way. No ones opinions or beliefs matter. It is your personal experience to connect with yourself beyond the hustle and bustle of life, and beyond the continuous mind chatter.

It really was joyful for me to be able to weave magic with words to open minds within an incredible soundscape of Vikki’s instruments.

Thankyou to those who came along, the next date for your diaries if you would love to be part of the experience.

The next Meditation Evening is on 14th March. Early bird tickets are £12 up to the 7th, only 7 spaces available.

Some words from the meditation evening.

Nic ‘s soft flowing guidance was dreamy and spacious and her words danced with the sounds of the bowls, gong and tuning forks. Even the church bells got involved!! 🔔💖” – Vikki Seymour

Feedback from Beautiful Souls who came to explore

“That was wonderful, thank you Vikki. You and Nic worked so well together. I have never managed to meditate before so a real success”

“I didn’t know what to expect, it was a beautiful experience “

“I felt a release when you played the gong loudly”

“That was one of the quickest hours, I think I lost time”