Much of nature lies quiet and dormant this time of year. The daylight is at its shortest and the days and nights are cold, a trigger for low mood during winter seems to be the case for so many.

Dark days often trigger low mood for many people, it can seem to take away the joy in life.

For some it is difficult to nest and rest when they feel low, as it is more of a sad, dark, lethargic feeling and is not pleasant to stay with.
It lies heavy for me when people I know and care about suffer in this way, depression triggered by the dipping of the sun.

It does not have to be this way

What if winter provides the perfect rest time allowing us to open up again when the time is just so?

It is easy for me to share the joys of winter because I love it. It doesn’t often help though for us winter lovers to wax lyrical about all the positives of the season when someone does not feel it inside.
All the understanding or advice in the world does not make a change.
We have to find our own ray of light in any challenging time, this is the key to deep and lasting change.

What if there is hope? And what if that hope could be gently heard, even when drifting into sleep at night.

This audio is a short story to help with low mood during winter, because things are not always as they seem.

This is a journey of a leaf, a boy, and the coming of a cold, bleak winter.

A Solitary Leaf

It is very relaxing, you may fall asleep!

(If you would like to download it onto your device use the audio play link above, the three dots at the end.)

I made this a couple of years ago because some people are so beautiful they deserve all the joy in the world. If I can gift something, no matter how small, to help them see, feel and know joy, ease and purpose again, I will.

I know you know life is what we make it, sometimes we need to see things from another perspective to lift the veil from our open hearts.