If you’re lacking in self confidence or believe you or someone else could benefit from a sprinkling more, this blog could offer you a simple and honest solution. 

I’m going chat about what self confidence is and how to get it back if you’re lacking.
I’ll share with you my thoughts, and simple step by step exercises to help you connect with true confidence.

When you’re not lacking in self confidence who are you?  Where else in your life would you feel the effects of showing up fully and honestly as your true self?

Confidence. The word comes from latin, ‘confidere’ meaning to trust.
Self confidence is to trust in ones self. 

Trust in our abilities, our behaviours, our body, all parts of our being inside and out. 
If we’re lacking in self confidence you could say we don’t have faith in ourself.
How difficult is it to put a foot forward in life if we don’t trust ourself?  

Without trust there is fear.
Any decision made out of fear is always a limiting one.
As a human in a fearful state we are frozen, stuck, unable to move forward.   Fight or flight, if we can’t do either we ‘freeze ’ We don’t grow or repair because we are in survival mode which holds us back.  

The opposite of this is growth.

We feel at ease because in the back of our mind we trust ourself. Our skills, abilities, behaviours, reactions, this means we make decisions confidently.  We are thriving, stretching out of limitations and exploring 

I want to give you ideas of ways to rebuild your trust in yourself
So when you think about trust in your own mind and what it means to you lets look at who you do trust.
How do you know you can trust them?
Many people cant put their finger on it, “I don’t know, I just know”. 

Trust is a feeling, we sense it, to verbalise it isn’t easy until we really take the time to question how it got there in the first place. 

Try this for size…
Trust is built upon the little things.  A cumulation of small actions or words. Often elements with compassion, consideration, kindness, thoughtfulness behind them.
A consistent display of small actions towards the wellbeing of another is what builds trusting relationships.  
This builds trust in someone, this means we are able to confide in them.
We have confidence in them. 

If your lacking in self confidence could now be a good time to start recognising all the little things you already do for yourself?

Choose a context that you would like to work with;  

Ie; social situations, at work, in the kitchen, your social media campaign. 

Where are you when you feel at ease, comfortable?

What tasks, skills, abilities are you competent at? 

These can cover anything, as little as making a cup of tea, or even simply turning the kettle on, to knowing when someone says they’re ‘ok’ and you feel they’re not.
What do you do that you find accepting, like, enjoy,?

How do you react or act that is again, accepting, sufficient, polite, versatile.   

Do you like how you hold the door open for others, are you good at listening, asking questions?  What about an ability to sniff out beautiful places to enjoy.  How about how you take care of your belongings, keep a journal. Do you know and act when it’s time to rest, to get going, to walk away?  Any thing at all no matter how big or small or seemingly insignificant.  Even how you hold your cup!

I want you to recognise all the ways you find yourself living up to your expectations. Being true to your values your beliefs that you hadn’t been noticing.

If you want to get even clearer on your deep unconscious value and belief system, I go into detail here in these Mind Coaching VideosBecoming More Conscious.

It’s time to start beginning to notice ways in which you find your actions, your behaviours, your skills, your abilities, acceptable.

Because it’s possible you haven’t been. You lost trust in elements of your self and you can not confidently move forward with out this.

It’s easier to begin with the little things first, and then you’ll discover more and realise who you really are. 

If you need a little help before you begin, have a listen to my Confidence hypnotherapy audio

Fake it till you make it – Dissolving lack of confidence in a flash.

You’ve heard this before im sure.

Your body has a language all of its own.  If you’d like to use it to do the communicating for you so you don’t have to, have a play with this.

Allow your spine to lift itself into a neutral position. 
Start with your pelvis balance
Lift your chest up, puff it up like a pigeon
Feel your shoulders naturally fall back and down
Feel a golden cord pulling you up to the stars from the crown of your head
Allow your chin to tuck in a little. 

This allows for excellent circulation to your head.
Optimal lung function, inviting breath into the lower part of your lungs.
Not only will you be thinking clearer, energising your body, your tone of voice will also shift, giving you more credibility and control. The energy flow is unhindered around your body centre.  This is picked up subconsciously by those around you.

Don’t take my word for it, have a go for yourself. 
Let go of speaking for short while when in the presence of others and simply hold your body in true alignment, so you can notice how you feel.  See, sense, experience the response of others around you……

As you continue to build upon your awareness of all the little things, you will be directing your unconscious self to realign with your natural birthright. Having faith and trust in your perfect self.

Imagine yourself for a moment with more self confidence……… what would be important to you now?
What would you be doing differently and how would this effect others around you?

Perhaps you can remember what it’s like to be a child?  Free of worries, concerns, doubt.  Simply playing, having fun, letting go of the serious stuff when it is play time. 

baby trusting holding hands confidence

We are born trusting

You have been free of limiting beliefs at one time, this means it’s still in you, part of you, and you deserve to be free again.

Free to notice all the ways you are amazing.

So you can build a trusting relationship with yourself again

Moving forward confidently, flowing with ease and joy

Because you deserve it