If you believe there is no such thing as failure only feedback, if every cloud has a silver lining. Your mind is onside for your absolute success in this game of life.

It means underneath all the choices and perceptions, everything that is happening ‘to’ you, is in fact, happening ‘for’ you.

This is a creator mindset. 

It’s revealing a choice that is being made to take charge of your life, and deciding how you want it to be.

It’s easy to fall victim to life’s circumstances until we choose differently. 

Whether we believe or not that we create our reality, the fact of the matter is, we have choice. When it comes to responding to our thoughts in our heads, events, people, or situations, what we make it mean is up to us.

This is free will, choice. 

Will we decide to find peace in the eye of the storm knowing it is for our highest good? Might we wonder as to how fresh the air will be once the storm has passed, what will have been cleared to make way for new?

How might the world or life look when we choose to see everything through the lens of ‘how is this serving me?’

What has your mind been choosing up until now?

Has it been allowing you to believe you are anything but supported, safe and luminous?

When we decide to get our minds onside, life becomes a state of grace.

Colours become more vibrant, we experience inexplicable joy from the most simple of moments. We don’t take it so personally when others behave weirdly towards us. We even see them with softer eyes because we know. 

Do you believe life is happening ‘to you’ or ‘for you’?

What do you want to believe? 

You know for yourself how your thoughts make you feel.

Staying on the straight and narrow can be a balancing act, even a struggle at first. Choosing and taking action to change the mind can take discipline or devotion.

With practice, determination, courage, fortitude, friends, nature, animals, prayer, song, dance, cacao, meditation, water, fire, your heart and mind will unite. 
Find your medicine.
Let your mind rest in clarity and peace, as you know deep in your bones you are loved, held and guided. 

When your mind and heart are one, your thoughts become expansive, creative and loving. 

The areas in your brain once serving to keep you safe will become illuminated and open to receive. Receiving that which is yet thought possible. 

Miracles are in each moment, the moment is the miracle

This moment is the miracle. 

You are this moment therefore you are the miracle.