What is it like, clinical hypnotherapy, how does it work and what is it like to go into trance?

Hypnosis (also known as a trance state) can be described by some as feeling like a normal relaxed waking state. Others describe it as a feeling of being closer to sleep. Some people will experience both states and more all in one session. Understanding how it feels can perhaps give you a bit of insight already into how hypnotherapy works. When we relax we let go, we clear space of cluttering thoughts in our mind.

We drift in and out of trance many times every single day. Watch my short video to gain more understanding of your daily self hypnosis.

The difference between this and experiencing hypnotherapy in clinic is the intention behind it. In practice we work together to purposefully create this natural state of mind. Because it is here we can gain access to the part of your mind that is open to suggestions. It is here where we ‘plant the seeds’ so to speak, of your desired outcome. You tell me what you’re wanting and I give this back to you when you are in trance, and at your most suggestible.

Suggestibility means impressionable.
When we’re experiencing hypnotherapy our mind is fully awake with our conscious attention softly focused on something else. Like your breathing, or your body relaxing, or just staring at something in front of you that has your attention. Remember when people used to pretend to hypnotise with a pocket watch? That is the idea behind it, to pull your highly attentive mind into something to focus on.

Why does hypnotherapy work?

When your conscious attention is focused you soften your need to analyse every thing that you hear or see. Your mind simply accepts it for what it is, information. There is no judgement or critical analysis of your choices, you accept what is, as if you had known it all along.

Hypnotherapy really is a gentle calming experience. My words and your desire for change is an invitation for your body and mind to slow down. So you can ease into a natural and comfortable relaxed state of mind. All you have to do is sit back and listen, and allow your mind to do all the work for a change. Here are just some of the benefits of going into trance as well as altering and directing significant life changing behaviours

seed growing from hypnosis
How hypnotherapy works, like planting seeds.