I say what I see.
Your subconscious communication is what I am noticing and reflect back to you. Which means you discover for yourself what’s going on in your mind.

I have no idea who my clients are up until the moment we meet, even then, how much could I possibly know, or begin to know?
In light of this, as a practitioner, I do not give advice.

I say what I see.
I reflect back to my clients what I observe.
This comes in the form of silent communication. The movement of hands, the swift glance of the eyes, twitches, itches, they are all messages.

Scientifically called ideomotor responses, they are subconscious expressions that you are not conscious of until you work with me.
The meanings behind these messages are for you to decide and you alone. The meanings of them may be clear straight away or later, the timing of the understandings are just right for growth at your pace


Your subconscious communication includes hand gestures, facial expressions, eye movements, tonal fluctuations, pace of words.

Only you will ever truly know what your experiences in life have meant and mean to you. Only you know how it felt in those moments and only you know what you needed.
So every recognition of an unconscious element of your communication, of you, causes insights to pop up. These insights are poignant pieces of information that hold new learnings for old problems.

I help people dig inside themselves for their own answers. Because these are the perfect fit to where they have come from and where they are going now.

One of my greatest teachers, Matt Hudson, was a deaf man and this is who showed me where the truth really lies. It is fascinating and when we tap into it, it is life changing. Find out more about his pioneering evidenced work.

Someones problem we can refer to as ‘the story’ is metaphorically the tip of the iceberg. It is what lies underneath which is the truth behind the matter. Below the surface, in our subconscious, is the storehouse of information. This information is not filtered, there are no judgements, no meanings made of events only pure actualities.

So the words used to describe the story and ideomotor responses are key indicators of what lies beneath and indicates whether or not it is in alignment with what we think we know (the surface, tip of the iceberg)
The ideomotor responses are the whispers of truth that can easily be brushed aside. These are the components we use to unlock, unstick, to free from…

Up until the moment my clients work with me, their ‘story’ has been the only focus and where they thought the problem was. After these educational sessions suddenly the story unfolds and the light comes in.
Vision changes, awareness expands and the weight lifts.

I say what I see and only you know your truth.
No one knows it like you do
“The truth shall set you free” -John 8:32

When brought to the light from the depths it is rarely what we thought it was.

And it is always Divine