Imagine what it feels like to be heard.

I could leave this blog there as I think we all know what it’s like not to be heard, familiar to you?

When we learn to listen to our body we access an infinite source of information that is relative and personal to us. Indecision and confusion clears up, confidence grows and we learn to navigate the unknown comfortably.

I want to share with you how simple it is to connect and interact with the body mind.

What you’re about to read is a step-by-step process that I use to resolve uncomfortable states personally and professionally.

Not only do we improve how we feel, we notice our reactions change in certain situations. Our body relaxes, and we heal faster as obstacles that had been getting in the way dissolve so we can settle into a more consistent state of content. 

When we truly listen we can take in information in its purest form, unfiltered. This means listening without thinking about what to say next, without making judgments or forming opinions. This is how we know we’re listening.

We often have so much going on, living at a fast pace which is reflected by the pace of our thought processes. There are few if any gaps between each thought. 

This impacts our ability to listen. 

Consider this; we are better at listening to others than ourselves. 

So if you know your thoughts often run riot whilst in the company of another, then I honestly believe they will be on overtime when it comes to what the deeper part of you is wanting to say.

When we ignore the messages, or simply can’t hear them, there are gaps in our experiences. 

Imagine listening to a guide on how to work a new machine and you can only listen to a fraction of what’s being said. It’s very likely we will encounter problems, even causing damage in the process…..

This is the same with our body and mind. 

If we do not listen how do we know what we need? If we butt into a conversation with our judgments or opinions how can we really know the whole story without our habitual past perceptions being dragged in?

We can never know ourselves without the ability to listen in the present moment.

Be still and listen with your ears, your eyes, and your body.

A simple solution,

Pay attention

It really is as simple as this. 

Listen to your body like you would listen to a friend who only wanted to be heard. They don’t want your advice, side taking, opinion, only your ear (and with this comes your heart)

All we have to do is feel.
Turn our attention inside and witness the sensations. 

This is how our body speaks. Through sensations.

When asked what are you’re feeling, people often go to emotions, “sad, angry, happy, excited”, or “I don’t know” 

I would like you to take it back a step.

Before we were aware of any emotion we had to have physical sensation in our body. Clear and obvious or subtle and barely perceptible. This is the language of our body mind and it is always communicating. 

So go to the actual physical sensation. 

Such as: 

  • Burning in my chest,
  • clenched jaw,
  • sweaty hands,
  • pain in neck,
  • tingling in feet.
  • deep breath
  • swallow

The expressions of sensation or limitless. And there is no wrong answer. It is personal to you.

Practice turning your awareness inside to your body sensations when you’re feeling worried or stressed.  Give them a voice, 

And you may be pleased to find you do not need to translate them, or even make sense of them in any way.

Simply say out loud what you are experiencing as it unfolds, moment by moment. Even voice the breath changes, twitches, yawns. Say it all out loud.  

Notice how your body releases. Is it yawning, breath alterations, or little or big adjustments?
These are all a sign.

Witness for yourself what begins to happen. Or perhaps you simply notice that after a short while you had forgotten what the problem was……

You are the best judge of your own experiences so you will know if it’s a quick easy issue to witness and express for your body or if it’s a longstanding problem that may take some time and repeated attention. 

A recap for you;

  • With any uncomfortable feelings
  • Take your attention inside
  • Say out loud the physical sensations and body happenings as they are occurring. No judgment, no opinions, no meanings to be made. 
  • Watch the language of love unfold. 

Notice how your body releases. Is it yawning, breath alterations, or little or big adjustments? These are all a sign.

And remember there is no wrong way of doing this

Explore like a child would, curiously and with a smile.