According to the NHS, Alopecia affects 2 in every 1000 people in the UK.
Stress is tough enough to be dealing with, and then to be loosing hair as a side effect is devastating for people.  Hair loss can also be the result of an illness or medication, adding to the problem causing severe emotional stress.

It’s not only loosing hair that can be a problem but the condition, ie dull, dry and thinning, premature greying, can all be a symptom of stress.
I’ve just been browsing through a health magazine and saw a spread of pages on advice, supplements & hair treatments which more often than not only temporarily supports.

I used to work in a herbal remedy shop and recall numerous times people were coming in for lotions and potions to help them stop losing their hair. It surprised me how many people were affected by alopecia, or losing chunks of hair at a time, and the money that would be invested in treating the symptoms.  If only I had known then what I know now, giving people the opportunity to get to the root cause of the problem.

Don’t support it, SORT IT.

Your hair is produced naturally and effortlessly by your body, how often have you sat there and thought I’m going to grow my hair for today?  You’ve just grown it naturally, without even thinking about it, haven’t you?

If your body is stressed then all of its resources will be going into the fight or flight response, and as we’ve mentioned before in this post-Gut Health Blog.  The last thing your body does is digest food which means lack of nutrients does it not?  So you can eat all you like to support your hair and consume supplements and if your system is not digesting you will not be able to assimilate and process any of it! You may as well be throwing your money down the loo….

Invest wisely, lose stress, not your hair.

Discover what could be the underlying cause of the problem.  If you can gain more insights into how your mind works and tap into your mind you can unlock your own problems, form your own solutions all with your own resources.

In a mind coaching session our communication together will give us all the tools to allow you to get out of trouble.  I dont believe any more than 3 sessions would be necessary, after the first one you’ll know.