Grief is a natural process, a response to loss, to separation from someone or something where there was once an attachment. The grieving process involves much adjusting and change, and so often we can get stuck along the way. And because our minds work in beautiful clear ways this also means it can get unstuck too, with a little bit of help, change can be quick.

What could be a sign of someone still stuck in the grieving process

Ever known someone to well up, tears in their eyes when they talk about someone who passed away years ago? Someone can talk about a person as if they only just departed but again, it was years ago. Or some can openly say I cant let them or let it go.
Greif comes in many forms and guises, the loss of a job, a home and of course the obvious being a death.
If we get stuck and don’t learn to move on we can get ill.
It limits our ability to move forward in life and this can manifest in many ways.

Mind coaching and hypnotherapy are great ways invite the mind to begin to get back to the process, the adapting and evolving. It is a learning process, we have to learn to live again with out what we previously had. Sometimes the lessons are few, sometimes it’s a whole new life.

What ever the situation there doesn’t have to be ongoing pain.
You know what it’s like to enjoy a day feeling light hearted and carefree. If you have been burdened with carrying the weight of loss, imagine what it would be like to feel your old self again