Someone pissing you off?
Frustrated with a certain behaviour of another?
Upset by a certain response you’ve been getting?

For us to recognise, to perceive something, we have to have an awareness of it to know it.
This is the basis behind the saying “perception is projection’
What you see in someone else is a projection of yourself.
What do you think?
Me personally, I love it. Not always straight away though…..

This saying, “Perception is Projection” gets kind of deep when we’re frustrated or irritated by another person or we’re judging or criticising doesn’t it?

Does this mean we need to take an internal check rather thank looking to blame outside?

Its very humbling on the self discovery journey, it ain’t always a fun inspiring ride, the dips can make you want to chuck up but the journey as a whole is one hell of an experience.

If you dare to question who you’re being, if you want to change unwanted behaviours, patterns, maybe even habits too we have to become aware of what we’re currently doing. In order for change we have to wake up, become conscious.
A really great way is recognising the message that is hidden or not so hidden in how you are perceiving someone else.
What quality or trait bugs you, saddens you, causes you stress?

You could think of them as a mirror, what are they showing you?
You may not want to hear it, and if thats the case this means its going to enhance your life even more so when you do recognise it. Recognising it, means discovering what it is inside of you, how you are doing it. You can then take it and use it.

The benefit of recognising projections is like putting kindling on a fire. Just the act of recognition causes a huge neurological interrupt in our unconscious behaviours.
It means you’ve taken something from the depths of your subconscious mind, which up until that point you were unconscious of, to the part of you that see’s it consciously. And this means you now have choices.

Choices where you can choose to respond in the same old limiting way or, you can choose a different way, one that serves you better, so you no longer feel that stress and frustration inside.

You’ll know for yourself the first person or problem that came to mind when you read this. How can you use this to get curious for your own benefit? How could this serve you so you don’t have to get wound up by a certain something that someone does?

Dare to get curious?