Imagine nurturing Yourself, Body and Mind in a beautiful setting, luscious green expansive grounds. Breathing your way into a deepening experience of your Mind and Body with like minded friends. The Find Your Balance Day Retreat.

day retreat flyer

Functional Breathwork 

Mind-Body Connection insights & activities
Functional Movement

Sound Bath 

Lunch in Colin Nash Restaurant 
Vegetarian/Vegan Toastie, Seasonal Soup & Salad
Gluten-Free Vegan Cake

Pure Essential Oils to sample 

Gift Bags

Special Guest speaker Melanie Lawson (Nutrition focus) 

Unlimited Tea & Coffee

The organiser, Tracey Howes, is a dear friend I used to free-dive with. So perhaps you can imagine the mind body and breath connection we have come to experience together.
We’ve often chatted about how we can collaborate, she is an oxygen advantage instructor with a passion for mind and body care.

So here we are coming together with a selection of other highly experienced and passionate professionals, I have an opportunity to run an 1, 1/4hr interactive workshop at this day retreat on the 4th of May in the New Forest.

I’ll be inviting an internal understanding of how our body knows if we are honouring our needs through activities involving language and inner awareness. I love sharing the impact of power words. Tiny and easy, yet powerfully life changing. And as ever, insights into how the mind works so you can see for yourself how you’ve been interacting with yourself and therefore others.

Below Tracey is sharing more on the ‘Find your balance day retreat.’

Blue Breathwork

“I’m thrilled to share my first one-day retreat with you.

Having hosted solo events over the last three years I wanted to bring together excellent practitioners whose values align with my own and whose transformational work has helped so many people.

My quest has always been to learn as much as I can and share my research into breathwork and wellness, the supporting science, and how we apply this knowledge in our day-to-day lives.

If like me, you have a desire for understanding the body and mind through your own practice and from credible evidence-based resources, we are on a path to empowering ourselves with knowledge and practical tools to make better decisions about our health and fitness.”

Meet more of the team at the Find your Balance Retreat.

Kevin Hubble
Kevin is the founder of THREE SIXTY FITNESS, with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. His career has taken him all over the world training pro surfers to high-net-worth individuals and families.

Three Sixty Fitness

Kevin currently works with TRX and MYZONE as an educator and is passionate about sharing knowledge with other trainers and his clients.

Following the impact of COVID,  Kevin realised that people liked being able to train outside. With that in mind and echoing the community feel within fitness clubs, he founded THREE SIXTY FITNESS, known for TRX training on Southbourne Beach and its thriving local community.

Kevin will lead a Functional Movement session with exercises to develop strength, mobility, and stability to enhance everyday movement.

Rich Hale
Rich has had an eclectic journey and says he’s never been bored!  He’s worked as a consultant and investment banker where he held global leadership roles and now as a Gong Master he will be closing the day bathing us all in a dreamy soundscape.

Gong Sprite

As unorthodox as that sounds, Rich continued to write music. After releasing a few songs, one of which had Ronnie Wood inspired to play on it, Rich gave up banking and joined Kinobe. Here he wrote and performed a significant chunk of their 2018 comeback album Golden Age. 

While writing a follow-up album, and rehearsing to tour, COVID took it’s toll on the momentum of the band.  This created another opportunity for a transition to become primary carer to his children, an executive coach, and a gong master.
Rich plays with a reverence and connection. Not just to the sound the gongs create, to everything they represent energetically and spiritually.

Rich will close the retreat with a deeply relaxing Gong Bath. Creating space for all the learnings of the day to filter gently into our subconscious.

Guest Speaker Melanie Lawson

Founder of Bare Biology and mum of three,

Bare Biology

Melanie discovered the health benefits of high-quality Omega-3 fish oil when she researched a natural approach for her postnatal depression, anxiety and OCD. She identified a big gap in quality Omega-3 supplements in the UK and decided to launch her own brand in 2013.
Melanie will share her story, nutritional insights and take questions. You will also receive her products in the gift bags.

The Venue, The Retreat, New Forest, Christchurch.

This beautiful venue is renowned for its choice in events, services and whole ethos being in alignment with nature, with community and serving from a place of Love. The grounds are stunning and expansive. Feel free to visit for lunch and take a leisurely stroll, soak up, indulge and relax.