EMDR – Eye movement desensitisation & reprocessing.
A form of therapy that uses eye movement to process and release trauma and its effects.

There is an easy simple way to help release the unconscious grip of trauma, EMDR

Used for traumatic experiences, ongoing trauma, and negative associations with people, places, or situations.

EMDR helps to disengage the primitive brain from the fight or flight response. When this happens symptoms and reactions born as a result of trauma can be released or simply disappear.

If a difficult experience has not been fully processed, meaning filed away, understood, learnt from, any realisation that allows the mind to know the situation is over and they are safe. It will be exposed in the mind, unconsciously, playing out as if it is still happening now, this is how flashbacks, or triggers are so potent. 

The mind is hyper-vigilant to capture anything that has some link to what is happening, to help get you out of danger. If safety is not established, the subconscious mind will perpetually feel an ever-present threat to survival.

Even if it was over 20 years ago, logically we know it is over, but if the deeper meanings of the experience are unresolved the subconscious mind will remain in fight or flight. (There is no concept of time in the mind so every memory recalled is happening in the present moment)

We want to disengage the primitive brain, and allow it to know the threat is over. When this happens we relax. The mind is no longer on red alert, releasing the high sensitivity to anything resembling a familiarity with the negative experience.

Fight or flight off, reset and digest on.

What happens in a session?

The sessions involve us chatting to pinpoint certain unconscious cues that I will help you uncover for yourself. My role is to see where you’re getting triggered through eye movement and nonverbal aspects of your communication.
Using your specific markers we then engage your mind and eyes at the same time.

Simple, swift solutions

One of the beauties of EMDR is its speed and simplicity.
It helps the mind to reprocess difficult experiences via the link between the eyes and memory. The eyes reveal so much when we communicate. Ever noticed when chatting with someone the movement that happens without conscious awareness?

We need to move our eyes to access information, for recalling memories and constructing new.

Therefore actively using this natural phenomenon to assist in difficult memories causes an interruption. Helping to change the neural pathways that have become engrained hence the effortless triggering of trauma. The system changes its whole unconscious reaction to memory without having to slowly unlearn, understand what happened, or relive any traumatic experiences.

Benefits of reprocessing trauma


What is it like to breathe a sigh of relief? There is a noticeable feeling of release, relaxation, and calm.
The fight or flight system is turned off and the rest and digest healing system comes back online. The primitive brain has disengaged and our body, mind and spirit feel safe again.

When we feel safe we can see through the eyes of now, rather than yesterday. Colours can appear brighter, mood swings are balanced. We can find joy in simple things. And all the while we are noticing pleasure in life, our body is healing and repairing. Regenerating cells, immune system replenishment, and energy reserves are on the rise.

We can bounce back from illnesses, think clearer, and sleep better. Less need for alcohol, foot, and people-pleasing. Yes, people pleasing is an addiction based on subconscious fear.

Perhaps based on your experience of life you may get a sense of how things could be different, or reveal themselves to you when you are no longer living in fear.

Commonly addressed through EMDR

– Anxiety
– Depression
– Nightmares
– Sleep problems
– Intrusive thoughts
– Sense of threat
– Anger, guilt, shame
– Self-destructive behaviours
– Negative self-image
– Self-medicating/substance abuse
– Excessive blame
– Dissociation
– Unexplained illnesses

Before our first session, I will ask you to send me an email in regards to what you want help with. You can share as little or as much as is right for you. Having this before we meet will allow us to make the most of our session time.

When our sessions start, we begin with a relaxed conversation. As we chat, and I listen, I study your non-verbal communication, underlying patterns of human behaviour (motivation and attitude) based upon the physiology and language of meta models, and the screen HMP.

I will be quietly digging into your below conscious communication which I will report back to you to allow you to learn what is keeping you stuck. This enables you to unlock potential, overcome challenges and limiting beliefs and to achieve goals.

How many sessions will I need?

Good question, it’s different for everyone. Most Clients opt for a package of 3, a great way to discover and change, implement all the changes and work with anything else that may come up

Some Clients have just one session to help them sort their current state, this work can be quick, and many Clients make their own great changes with just a little bit of clear and concise awareness of themselves. Some people don’t want to commit to something they’re not yet sure of, could this be you? Just have one session, you’ll know what’s best for you. And, for those who want to work over a period of time, I offer a 6-month package.

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