Inability to let go of any kind of trauma, small or large leads to deprivation of the full extent of life. This can show itself as loneliness, disease, addictions, phobias and more.

I would love more people to know they can make changes to their own body mind through DIY trauma release. That’s right, Do It Yourself…… Aka dancing, mindful movement and sensory immersion (touch)

Many of us are aware we can get help through talking channels, my offerings being hypnosis, self introspection, visualisation, EMDR and others modalities. What I will chat about are just a few….. there are more and they can be as creative or simple as what reflects your own needs.

The only thing we need is when we do it, to be fully present. This way you can turn most activities into a DIY trauma release technique.

Dancing for fun

The actions of dance can help the body release uninhibitedly, no conforming, simply feeling the body and allowing it to move to the music.
Dancing with your eyes closed, let go of the thought that others are watching, dance like no one in the world is watching and your body and mind will thankyou for it.

Structured dance won’t be the same, it has to be free of thought.
Which is also why closing your eyes is a great help, because until you’re confident in your own skin, comparisons, self criticism, judgements are often made. 

Explore dance movement for trauma release in groups, Ecstatic Dance, lots happening around Dorset and your local area.
I quite like finding a 5 rhythms youtube video to use at home, no ones watching, go wild…….

So loose yourself to the music like no one else in the world matters.

Conscious movement 

Conscious simply means to be aware. So any form of movement where you focus all your awareness into yourself can become a form of DIY trauma release.

Commonly you’ll have heard of yoga, tai chi, Qi gong. These are activities that move energy through the body as we direct our full attention inside. The attention is on the movements and often along with the breath. It does not have to be those specifically. If you do have some familiarity with them, it can be a guide as to how to bring conscious movement and breath into any activity.
So as long as we are very mindful, fully present and inwardly aware we can turn most things into a nurturing release opportunity.

Emotional releases can happen;, tears, fears, worries, sensations, they are all part of the untangling, the unwinding of stuck, held, rigid ways of being. 

We don’t know what we release when we go through the body. The body knows, and it knows how to let go when we give it the chance.

Blimey, thats impressive! We don’t have to contort to get results. Keep it simple so you can enjoy it. When we lean into new positions with a smile on our face the body mind learns it is safe.

Through my personal experience I found it hard at times to get the breath to be in time with the movements, it stopped me enjoyed it because it became distracting and a bit stressful to be honest.

Instead I chose to become fully present in my own way, in the way that I knew how. I became slow and purposeful and even slowing to a stop. The breath would do its own thing. Sometimes I would choose to take a deeper breath but generally I forget about the breath and watch my thoughts come and go. 

Do it your own way, you know if you’re not present, when you find your own way things stick and you’re likely to involve yourself in the activity more often & for fun!

Sensory immersion, touch

Touching unusual things, feeling with any part of the body. Children can be immersed in those colourful ball pits to invite the mind to come back into the body and experience safely what it’s like to feel. Playing in the sand, climbing trees. When any play activity with a child is done with loving care, so they know they are safe there can be profound lifting of fears.

Play, sensory immersion when done in the care of loving adults is an incredible DIY trauma release.

How often should we do this? – I’ll let this next question answer this for you……..
How often should you play?

Just like taking care of our personal hygiene, it’s a daily affair. Certainly building up the dirt happens daily how often we wash is down to us.

So regular immersion in some form of body expression and play learning will allow our systems, body and mind to process the day, to process and release history, and to find joy and freedom in creativity.

When we know these modalities are used to help people over come trauma, imagine the effect they will have when we regularly treat our system to this kind of ‘self regulating therapy’
All you need to do is have fun!

Liberate ourselves from rigid conforming and get in touch with our bodies needs and forms of expression. This alone allows for an undo’ing and relearning.

More body connection leads to a safer world, because when you feel safe in your body you emanate this message and others around you feel safe too. 

lady jumping for fun on the beach