An inspiring email came through today from, have a read, see what you think……… 

Jacques Cousteau dreamed of becoming a naval aircraft pilot

He passed the difficult exams.

Made it into the naval training academy.

And was right on track to achieve his goal!

Then, just a few days short of graduation, Jacques was in a horrible car accident leaving him paralysed down the right side of his body.

His aviation dreams were over.

Needless to say, it was a terrible time.

After months of therapy, Jacques found comfort in swimming as a way to rebuild his strength.

And started to spend more and more time in the sea near his home in southern France.

Pretty soon, he even designed a new pair of swimming goggles to see better underwater… and that’s when he made a life changing discovery.

Jacques was awestruck by the rich underwater life.

Over the years his new passion led him to develop better gear for deep sea diving and new underwater filming techniques, so he could bring this new world to the masses.

And today, Jacques Cousteau is known as the father of modern scuba diving.

So, it just goes to show – despite horrifying setbacks, it’s possible to find your true calling and discover new passions even through the most challenging moments of your life.

And as a hypnotist that’s exactly something you’re trained to help others do!

It’s an incredible gift to give someone, wouldn’t you say?

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