Do you need to be devoted or disciplined?

There are things we could do to make our lives better and often we don’t. We put off till tomorrow, find excuses, but’s, why’s, try’s.

What needs to happen for us to get ourselves moving?

Getting off the starting block is often the hardest part. At this point, we have a motivation. 

Something has to be important to get us moving. This can be the goal that we are moving towards or a thing that we are avoiding, or moving away from. 

Either way, it’s direction, it is movement, and therefore change. 

How do we maintain momentum?
Discipline or devotion.

What’s the difference?

Here are my thoughts.


Potent when we are clear on what we don’t want.

Often pain is a great driver. Pain physically or mentally. We do not want to be in pain. So we have to take action at times to make a better life and for some, that action can be really difficult.  

This is when we need discipline.

Take what you may have learnt in association with that word from school or youth and put it aside for now if you would! 

We need discipline to maintain a difficult change. Interrupting old pathways of deeply entrenched patterns takes focus, determination, courage, faith, hope, trust. Whatever you need, get it and hold onto it with all of your might. Is it worth fighting for?

I used to be the last person to say “Fight for it”

But after learning I was letting unhelpful thoughts into my head without realising I had to stop them. I had to take instant strong steps, to be alert to the insidious creepers in my mind and chop their heads off before they set in!

It took a lot of effort in the beginning, and then, the pathway newly trod became easier to see and follow. I believe this is where the flip happens, from discipline to devotion.


Comes with an innate knowing we are meant to be doing this. Or a goal, a dream, a desire, a longing, a calling.

When I am devoted, I take pleasure in the doing. There is little effort required and with out consciously thinking about it we gravitate to the said thing.

There will be little ‘suffering’. 
Without a dream or calling, elements of activity could cause someone to suffer. To one who has the dream, that element is simply part of the process. Without looking they know the bigger picture as to why they are doing this, there is no suffering, only action.

With devotion there is inspiration, no such thing as failure, singular focus, and these qualities don’t need to be rallied together. The fulfilment of any task happens with a sense of ease and grace because of the purpose behind.

What do you need to make a change that matters?

We do what it takes to get something if we really want it. And if it’s not happening for you yet, maybe a shift into a alternative gear is needed.

I am devoted to growth and I always do it. To cut the head off thoughts before they locked in took so much determination, focus and discipline, crikey! 

But it is worth it.

And after a few weeks, it is like the energy has shifted and the devotional aspect is the driver. 

I wonder, could discipline get us going until it becomes devotion, or is devotion the underlying thread of the bigger picture which gives us the gumption for the discipline.

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Does it even matter……

What is it that you want to change in your life, small or big?

  • Are you motivated by what you want, or what you don’t want?
  • What do you need to keep momentum? Be honest with yourself. I needed a boot up the backside! That was my initial push, to maintain momentum I found myself using discipline. 

When we do what it takes, to get us through difficult change which is for our highest good, self-respect, and self-worth can skyrocket. 

There will always be a lot of benefits that you are aware of by making the changes you seek.
There are also unconscious benefits. The celebration of you doing it permeates through your whole being. Others are inspired and touched by your energy and light.

You may need to dig deep for something that matters to you. 

Keep going, you can do it.

You changing you, changes the world. 

You’re amazing keep at it.