Life can be confusing, moments in life can be confusing. 
For whatever reason we can feel like we’re in a spin and getting a hold of something can seem elusive. And I want you to know confusion can mean change, deep change.

Before we learn differently confusion can often lead to rising stress, panic and fear.

As a result of this, we often don’t like to change because change is one of the strongest precursors to confusion and chaos. 

What many people don’t realise is that before we change, things have to get scrambled first. 
This means our mind is sifting and sorting through information, lots of it. Some information you are aware of, some you are not, yet. 

You can’t be confused about something you know nothing about. 

When we are looking to change, perhaps do something new, confusion can often show up and will cause someone to back away from the endeavour and not do it.

Watch this video to give you a clear picture of what happens when we are changing and why confusion is paramount. 

If you would like an informative 3min video that relates to the chaos of current times, i highly recommend the full length video. It is one of my all time favourites! Bruce Lipton, a pioneer of modern science, genetics and our beautiful mind. Let me know what you think.

Confusion is our mind’s outward expression of internal reorganising.
Any fear or judgement towards the confusion will only compound difficulties and prolong the disorientation.

If we were to adopt a curious mindset towards it we can find it changing sooner than later, because confusion means change.

When we don’t resist, which we can cease doing when we know something is helping, our mind can reorganise freely. 

Allow confusion. 
When we allow a process to occur without interruption it can get to where it’s going. 
We could look at it as if it’s a smooth journey, without someone looking over our shoulder, a back seat driver, if you get what I mean?!? 

Interruptions can come in the form of criticism, judgment, fear, anguish….

Allowing confusion to unfold naturally happens when we have a curious mindset.
A curious mindset can come in many forms

  • Watching, observing, noticing
  • Questioning, how can I make this work for me, what can I do to stay objective about this?
  • Who can help me expand or work with this (it’s ok to ask for help if you’re struggling)
  • Where can I go where I feel at ease?
  • What am I noticing?
  • What am I not noticing?

Curiosity often comes with a question, an expansion of current awareness. 
It comes with paying attention. Being alert rather than in our thoughts.  

“Chaos and confusion are part and parcel of change”

Matt Hudson

When you decide that chaos and confusion are on your side life gets easier. 

I don’t know how slowly or quickly your system will acknowledge and alter its response to confusion now. 
That’s only for you to discover you know. 

As you already know discovery is a result of curiosity, or being open to anything. 
We can only grow and evolve through questioning and leaning into new opportunities. 

So as you evolve and stretch yourself comfortably in the knowledge that any confusion or chaos is a good sign, it is the precursor of a deep shift.

Your life will flow with a smile or simply a child-like gaze of wonder, and it’s good to wonder is it not?