People can experience conflict problems for any reason. Often there can be a perpetual cycle of blaming, feeling vindicated or having to go to the rescue again.

It’s draining, it’s negative and causes pain. Ongoing conflict problems cause stress and can lead to underlying health conditions, mental health issues and other problems.

There is a very simple tool used to help ease and change conflict or negative relationships between people.

Karpman’s Drama Triangle, some of you may already be familiar, We all slip into it at one time or another, and once we recognise our part it helps to shine a light of relief

For the triangle itself, have a look on this blog. Resolving conflict


Come and join in, watch this informative live session on resolving conflict. Discover the behind the scenes happening as the drama of roles that are played in conflicts unfold. Drama is a key word in this analogy of conflict, designed to give you a new way of looking at old problems. When you have a different view on something it can open up to an altered experience, so you can potentially watch problems dissolve and even die…