Shall I compare thee to a summers day?

William Shakespeare

We compare ourselves daily with others. Consciously and unconsciously. And it’s not often done from a place of true love, unlike Shakespeare.

Most of the time we are degrading our selves or bolstering ourselves. Any comparing of ourselves with others leads only to pain and suffering. Exasperating mental health issues, putting a sting to vulnerabilities and trashing self worth.

Why do we do it?

I’m not going to spend time wondering down this path. I believe it could be more valuable to look at it from another perspective.

Comparing yourself with others?
Consider this….

Do you ever compare trees, saying this one is more beautiful than that one?

Do you compare clouds spending time deciding which one is the best? What about waves on the shore, which one is the dearest?

None are more precious or less precious. They are all unique and flawless, designed by the law of perfect harmony. 

Each tree is beautiful, even with its gnarly twists and galls, it’s broken crowns or fallen limbs.
Each wave, big or small, rolling or dumping, clean or broken is utterly magnificent. 
And if we can not see this it is because we are not paying true attention.

How we perceive any of them is down to how we feel in the moment, and if we are not wholly present it’s relative to our past.

To take our subjective perception out of the equation we need to come into Now. And in these moments we see only nature.
And who could argue that nature knows not best?

So next time you berate yourself or elevate yourself on the back of another. Remember you’re bringing in all of yesterday into Now. 

stormy wave

You could choose to experience your stillness instead.

When you remember this, smile inside and look out the nearest window or step outside. See the clouds, the trees, the birds, or look up to the night sky and remember the stars twinkling above reflecting like diamonds in your eyes. 

You are nature, you are utterly beautiful, divinely perfect because you were created by the law of Perfect Harmony. 

The same law as you Sisters and Brothers, the Ocean, the Stars, the Sky and the Lark. 

Shall I compare thee to a Summers day?
Thou art more lovely and more temperate:

William Shakespeare