Relaxation – March 2021

The covid pandemic created stress in so many ways. For the staff at BPP work load never ceased and external demands increased.

This seminar was an opportunity to share tips and tricks into how to make relaxation that little bit easier, and more effective.

Do you find when you relax, meditate, sit quietly, there are times when its easy to let go of thoughts and other times, it’s mayhem inside? This means your doing it right. Sometimes having an awareness of how the mind works can allow for less pressure on yourself, knowing that what you’re doing is ok. Confidence in your process makes it more enjoyable.

Creating a useful seminar that can be incorporated into everyday life was my aim. So the right tools for the job were brought up and then we went into a deep guided relaxation session. With the opportunity to experience the new tools makes for the learning to be an already done experience, and this means it’s there for recall time and again.

This was a calm and easy seminar, a screen shot of the tips and tricks slide was all the effort that was required. Sitting back, relaxing and allowing their minds to follow my words, relaxing, experiencing and exploring.

nic wood content of relaxation seminar

Mind Care – February 2021

Did you know you’re already creating moments in your day that have the capacity to reset and refresh your mind?

The staff at BPP were invited to come along to an online well being seminar tailored specifically for them during the covid pandemic. This seminar gave time restricted staff insights into what they are already doing to help themselves.

My moto, work smart not hard.

These tutors don’t have time to add too much to their day to bring in a regular mind practice. So I came along to help them take what they’re already doing, enlighten them with how it is helping, and if it suited them, to take it forward.

We went into why we take care of our mind, the value and benefits of it and what it’s all about.

It was an opportunity to highlight and therefore enhance the effects of their current daily mind care moments. The times when they perhaps with out realising are already clearing their mind.

We chatted about certain breathing techniques and enjoyed practicing them. I shared what I believe to be a very useful tool to help get out of negative un-helpful states. The anchoring technique. Click here to watch my video for yourself.

It’s a privilege to join a campaign like this, ‘Stronger together, BPP’ great to have such a large focus on well being in a large company.

Find out how I’ve worked with other businesses & what I can offer to help make a difference.