The front line workers of Citizens Advice are dealing with highly emotional people and situations.  A communication skills development workshop was organised for this team of committed staff. I had the pleasure of connecting with people in a similar field to me. Helping others.

The economic crisis that is happening all around us has put untold pressures on society. 
The numbers of people needing help have risen, the financial struggles they are facing are deepening and those at CAB, Citizens Advice Bureaux are there, stoically holding the fort. So what do the team behind the team take the opportunity for? Bringing in myself, for a communication skills development workshop.

These teams see the knock on effect of society before the government does.  They are troopers.  No matter what they are personally going through day in day out, they are always showing up. Committed to their role 

It is a demanding job, and we can all take on stresses from difficult interactions,.  We can also struggle to let it go.  This means over time we are building upon constant pressures which can lead to over whelm. 
Demands are high, time is limited, how many of these people do you think put their own needs first?

pocket-watch-in sand
Time constraints

Whether it’s the team themselves or people seeking advice, difficulties can show up in many shapes or forms.  Some people avoid opening mail, those that look like bills, piles of unopened due payments building up.  Staff may dread certain inevitable interactions, put off making phone calls, worry about opening the doors to distressed people.  

These external difficulties are a symptom of the problem. Because the problem often lies on the inside.  A churning of the stomach, a pounding in the chest.  And suddenly people are falling by the wayside, not heading in the direction they want.

This workshop was put together to shine a light on ways and means to help over come these kinds of difficulties.  To discover more about our mind, the language we use, dissolving limitations we didn’t realise we were putting in place. 

Citizens Advice communication skills development workshop

 The words we say inside our heads and speak out loud have the ability to ‘make or break’ us.  

It’s crucial we have an understanding of how we’re influencing our actions and inactions with language.  So shining a light on this power meant opening opportunities. Opportunities to tailor succinctly, efficiently and effectively any communication. 

As a team dealing with strife on a daily basis, to have an in house support network, helping each other is crucial.
As the tide rises all ships rise.
Developing communication skills to enhance the support of each other will always create a strong team. These mindful practices were considered from a mind coaching perspective.  Delving into the realm of silence….. Such a powerful medium for creating, changing and listening.

The seminar took place over a morning session, 23 members of the North Somerset Citizens Advice spent a few hours with me in the beautiful museum of Weston Super Mare.

The groups I run workshops for always get access to any slides we use along with handouts. And just in case we’ve planted seeds of curiosity that some would like to expand on, theres always a further reading list I put together.

Have a look at whats on offer for your group or business.

These skillsets are empowering. 
Empowering for those we are communicating with and for ourselves. 
The results; helping to build long lasting genuine relationships, easing stressful interactions, letting go of embedded feelings.

This kind of knowledge goes beyond the work place.  Many people find that developing skills in communication are the key to improved relationships at home, with friends, even with themselves!  (I believe most of us talk to ourselves right!?!)

As you know communication is the foundation of every interaction we will ever have.  The art of communication is a gift to enjoy, experience and share.