The state of the country, even the world is chaotic and in places utterly desperate right now. The North Somerset Citizens Advice Bureau (NSCAB) are on the front line for those in need in the UK.

I’ve been asked to provide mental health support for this team based in Weston Super Mare

Imagine if you were on the front line of dealing with people who are penniless, about to be made homeless, how do you maintain a level of status quo in your own head and heart?  How do you leave work behind at the end of everyday and go home feeling at ease?

This is a daily struggle for those at the Citizens Advice Bureau, paid staff and volunteers. These compassionate people are on the front line of dealing with society members and they are at breaking point.  

You know how difficult these times are with rising prices let alone the mental struggle of lockdown and so many other difficulties.  There is very little the staff can do physically except give advice and be there for them.  It’s reaching the point where the staff and volunteers are struggling with the prospect of clients.  And even the thought of opening the door to another distressed person, answering emails, phone calls for people in dire straights is beginning to create anxiety.  Emotions run high for the clients and this is impacting on the wellbeing of the staff.  Already stretched resources, this vital charity is one heart of help for our country’s residents our communities.

Having worked with NSCAB staff on a one 2 one basis I have now been asked to come along and share my skills in group settings.  Last week an online staff meeting had me join in for 40 mins.  The intention was to empower, inspire and ease. See what I can offer your business or group.

I can’t change any of what they are dealing with but I can help them change how they process the experience.  I shared with them insights into how our mind works so they could see what their mind was drawn to.  We discussed the power of a few very small yet deeply impactful words. Helping to give back control, save time and unstick some sticking points they may have had.  And of course the addition of mind care.  Ways in which they are already looking after their mind perhaps without realising. 

The simple act of a sigh.  Thats right…. Just a sigh

We sigh in moments of letting go, transitioning from one activity to another.  It’s like a natural reset for our mind and body.  This means every time someone sighs they are giving their mind a refresh.  Have a watch of this short video

What if you could use this as an opportunity to build on it?  Extend those precious moments, take more of them.  Also by knowing the impact they can have multiplies their effects.  Great hey!?! Sigh more and inwardly or outwardly smile to yourself knowing you’re helping you. 

Self care is priority.  Especially when you’re caring for others.  We all know what they say on the aeroplanes when they demonstrate the mask guidelines in the event of an emergency.  “Put yours on first, then help others.”  It’s the same for everything. 

Without you shining, it’s harder to help others find their own way.  In group settings we get great opportunities to discuss within areas of speciality.  And perhaps some people that I chat to in these environments wouldn’t otherwise have the exposure to self empowering methods within the realms of mind work.  

Any conscious awareness into ourselves empowers.  It opens up choices, helps self acceptance, confidence and this is always reflected to those around us. 

You know how in the face of adversity we can be challenged, and often we head into it with courage and strength.  What if these forms of inner energy resources came from compassion for self first and then others.  The energy supply can be extended, I’d like to say limitless.

Your team if you have one, just like the Citizens Advice Bureau deserve the freedom of their own internal mind chains. Because it means they are free to do easily what their hearts want them to do.  Sometimes all it takes is a get together, sharing ideas, concepts and experiences.  In the name of better mental health and wellbeing.

Lets lead the way in this new era. 

Harmony inside and out for all.

Thankyou to all those who work in Citizens Advice. Giving to others, helping make a difference.