I was challenged to swim as many lengths as I could underwater in an hour for the Ukraine Red Cross. 

I was super nervous. Swim constantly for a whole hour!?!?  How to pace myself without practice so I didn’t gasp and burn out early on.  Plus using fins which I don’t use in the pool.  It was a bifin challenge (two long fins), I swim ‘no fins’

Suck it up i said to myself.
“Nic there are people homeless, without anything in devastating circumstances and I’m worried about swimming for an hour!!!!”

Any way…. I promptly got flu a few days before the event. This meant I had to postpone it. Two weeks later my dive buddy springs it on me saying the pool are giving us an extra lane this evening. Time to do the challenge. No time to panic, as it was such short notice…

And… I really enjoyed it.
I let go of the pressure I was putting on myself, I went in there and left behind the fins.  Yes it meant I was slower and wouldn’t clock up so many lengths. But it also meant I was going to have stamina for the hour which gave me peace of mind.

50 lengths in 49 mins.
I know, 49 minutes??????
I had to finish early as the lane was no longer ours! We only had it for an hour, that’s why we could have two lanes.
Had I known….. You see I started late thinking we had more time, we usually hire the pool for 1 1/2hrs,
I was gutted. Gutted because I was in a good rhythm, flowing, quiet mind and focused.  Also I knew that the last 10 mins was getting close and because i was feeling good I would push it to get as many as possible.

Alas, everything is as it should be and the universe always knows best…. What ever that might be?!?!

Thankyou so very much to all that have sponsored me already, and to anyone who would like to contribute.   
It is a group just giving page here and all the monies go straight to the Ukrainian Red Cross via their website. All the other nominated free divers around the world are linked into this, and so far around £2500 has been raised.

If you would like to take part and see how many lengths you could swim underwater for Ukraine, get in touch xx