This was the card that came out of my Wellness Library today.
Celebrate your friend’s accomplishments.

The origins of the word celebrate mean “assemble to honour,” Let us come together to honour our friends and their accomplishments. 

To honour a friend is to honour yourself. To celebrate your friend’s accomplishments is to create more of the same, in them and you.

Whether they can recognise or not their accomplishments, when you genuinely honour what they are achieving the non-verbal expression of this is felt. The intention behind the words goes a lot deeper..

Some people don’t take compliments well ,so honouring them quietly sends forth immense vibes of coherency.

The value of celebrating your friend’s accomplishments?

Have you seen the water experiments, where words are pinned to a bottle, it’s frozen and the structure is then analysed under a microscope? The stunning arrangement of kind loving words in comparison to the ‘hate’ words is truly phenomenal. And can not be disproved.

Loving, kind compassionate thoughts affect with their intention, where they are directed.

Quantum physics shows our thoughts direct energy. So honouring a friend’s accomplishments to their face or in the quiet of your own mind creates beauty in them and yourself.

At a time when there is so much hate and fear shown to us in the media, could now be a good time to genuinely wish others well?

Not only will you be having an invisible effect, science shows everything is made of energy so there is no limit to where these loving thoughts will influence. You may even physically notice the wave of bliss that flows through your own body when you bless someone else.

To take this even further; think about someone you feel has done you wrong. See beyond your pain and their actions, connect with the truth of their Being, and wish for them their heart’s desires, or simply wish them love, peace of mind, health, abundance, or even wish them what you would like for yourself.

The feelings that arise when we do this with pure intention are nothing short of miraculous.