Have you ever struggled in life with overeating, smoking, alcohol, shopping, sex, exercise….. any form of addiction? I say bad habits because it causes you pain inside, physically or mentally.

Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘ its time for a change,’ told someone what you were thinking about doing and then nothing happened?

Let us start off with this…

Once you’ve decided you need to/want to change, don’t tell anyone.  Not yet…. hang on a little bit.

Telling others you’re going to break a bad habit can put unnecessary pressure on you.  

All of a sudden before you’ve planned the ‘how’ and ‘when’, people around you are saying ‘ooh you’re giving up…..’ and this can cause unnecessary stress which puts pressure on. 

Consider keeping it to yourself until you’re prepared

What im going to take you through now is a process using Prochaska Di’Cemente’s ‘Cycle of Change’

It’s a great strategy helping to implement the breaking of addictions and habits. 

frog carrying luggage, time for change?

First off we want to get clear on how bad you want to change. 

1 – make a list of the pro’s and con’s of ‘not changing.’

2 –  make a list of the pro’s and cons of ‘changing’

on a scale of 1-10, how much do you want to change?

If its 9/10, brill, let’s start the preparation phase.  If it’s anything less, can I help?  Call me to help you dig a bit deeper so you can clear the way to a new you.

If you were a 9/10 – Lets start the preparation phase – DON’T CHANGE YET! PLEASE, HOLD OFF, we just want to get ready first…….

This gets you in the right place so the transition for change can be as smooth as possible.  

Here we’ll be gathering your resources & strengthening your skills and abilities, all the things that are needed to help. 

Let’s say the goal is to stop smoking, to be a non smoker. 

Decide what habits you would like to replace the smoking with.  

Working towards getting healthy, perhaps running, 

What do you need?  Buy running trainers, down load couch to 5km app, plan routes, timetable in when you will do each one. 

What about visiting places or events that you wouldn’t have managed before as a smoker.  Timetable in any other new activities, get specific.  This helps so much. 

Clear the house of anything that may conflict with the new healthy lifestyle your’e choosing.  So clear out the crap food, you know, any junk nibbles that are too easy to scoff.

Clear out the old ashtrays, spring clean, clean the car, or where ever it is you smoke. 

If you drink alcohol, (this is the biggest time for slipping up)  Make a conscious decision what friends to avoid in the early stages of your transition, the ones you may drink and smoke with, this is just until you’re settled. 

Hypnotherapy.  This Is a great time for hypnosis.  This preparation phase is the time for getting your mind to upgrade, helping you to succeed.  It’s great for any lacking in confidence, habit changes, stress management, anxiety.  What ever you believe that up until now has been getting in your way, stopping you. 


Hypnotherapy, a gentle, quick, effective way to help break bad habits. Realigning you with the goals you want to achieve instead.

The next major marker is to set a date when you would like to stop.  The beginning of the new you. 

The preparation stage can last between 2-4weeks, or less if you’re organised and super efficient.

With the date set, and the time, yes get very clear on the time you want it to start.  Decide where you will be when you begin.  

What will you be wearing?  

How you will celebrate?  

Thats right, celebrate :)

Get a wonder moment at the ready for yourself. 

Take Action

From your start date, this is the action phase.  From here you will have support mechanisms in place.  

Such as hypnosis recordings or sessions.  A plan of what to do if you need reminders.  Ie, go for a run, drink a glass of water, paint, read, draw, call a friend.

If you used to smoke in your car, drive home a different way.  Take your work breaks at different times or in different places.  When ever or where ever any old patterns exist, and may have the potential to skupper you, change them. 

As you continue as a new you, a non smoker in this example, know that life can throw curve balls.  So just in case…..

Blips – There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.  Any wobbles or slip ups do not mean you’ve become a smoker again or failed.  

It’s a ‘lapse,’ not a ‘relapse.’  

So chin up and rise again, stand tall, become aware of your posture and know that you’re still on track.  

Gather your resources for help.  Do your replacement habits, call me for a session, listen to a destress or I am a non smoker audio.  

From here you will continue to become this new you, with new routines, new habits, new choices.  And this new you will then seep into your unconsious so you won’t have to think about making conscious healthier choices.  It will happen automatically.

The ‘go to’ will be the new you.

Without thinking you will be reaching for the trainers, the glass of water.  Your stressful moments will be experienced in new ways, ones that align with the you that you have become.

Who are you now….