Have you ever wanted to talk with someone and have them simply listen?
No advice wanted, no opinions needed, no side taking.

You simply had a need to express
Get something off your chest

How does it feel to have a rant without any explanations owed, justifications, or consequences….

Bit of a release, relief?

Our body holds so much
Pain, ease, stress, joy, worry, elation, it goes on

If we give it the time, it has a lot it could say.

So let your bodies voice be heard

If we were to hold the space for our body to express and be heard. It is amazing what we can learn and let go of.

To sit with any of this, for some people can be profound.

And you don’t need to understand what it is saying – (If your curious to develop this skill have a look at this)
Because simply giving it the space to be heard can be enough.
Just like all those times you’ve been listened to or listened to others with out any input.
It’s surprisingly cathartic might you say?

Next time your in pain, feeling fear, guilt, shame
Consider sitting down and becoming familiar with sensations in your body (I don’t need to tell you some pains should be looked at medically, I believe if you’re reading this you’re already aware on many levels)

Notice tensions, tingling, temperature, anything at all
There is no wrong way of doing this,

Hold in your mind what you think is the problem is and continue to notice sensations.
Be open to ‘feeling you’
Follow it curiously, witness it evolve, shift, move, change.
You may have images form, memories appear,

The kinaesthetic element of our communication channel is slower to express compared to our visual and audio. This means we can make sense of our images and sounds we receive quicker than our physical communication

So in light of this, some people need a bit more time, maybe about 30seconds before they begin to become aware or interpret the information

This means when we listen to our body, giving it time is key

Somedays it’ll be clear and easy to sit with something, others not so.
Just like the rhythms of the sea we change daily.
Go with it,

The simple act of intentionally giving your body space and time to be heard will allow energy to flow freely

Letting go

Remember how good it feels to be heard?

You deserve it xxx