Change the way you’re feeling by anchoring in a better emotional state.

All too often we get stuck in an emotional state that is not conducive to what we’re working towards. Perhaps you’re quick to get angry and stay there, maybe you’re feeling anxious and want to feel more calm and clear. What ever the emotion is we can reprogram ourselves to choose something a bit more appropriate. In this video in taking you through a simple, tried and tested too to anchor in a better emotional state.

if there is a problem emotion that prevents you responding how you want to, take a moment to think what could be more useful? What would be more helpful to lining you up to achieve the outcome you’re seeking. What do you want instead?

this is when you can now use your mind to serve you more appropriately. Find a time or place when you last experienced that emotion. All you do is remember this, go back in time and re’experience it. Where were you, what are your surroundings, who else is present? Any sights, sounds, sensations, experience it all thoroughly as you bring up that desired better emotional state. This is what we are going to anchor in.

The moment you are really feeling the better emotional state perform a specific movement that is easy for you to remember, anchoring the emotion in. This video shows me pinching my finger and thumb together. Any movement is good. A smaller discreet one may be better so you can use your anchor easily and subtly where ever you are.

Once you’ve done the movement whist simultaneously feeling the better emotion. Stop, have a shake about and test it. To test just do your intended movement and notice.

Some people find it subtle and subconscious at first and others just notice it immediately. How ever it is for you is just so, and just right. The more you perform it the stronger it becomes. Practice practice practice! To be consistent is the key to making a very strong anchor.

When else can I anchor in a better emotional state?

Do you have different roles to play in your job. Do you have times when you require an enthusiastic lively approach. You could anchor this state for those times when its needed. Use a different movement.

What about if there is someone you get triggered by. Could it be useful to have an anchor in place for this?

Any public speaking? Even in an office meeting some can find this very stressful. Trying to communicate at your best when stressed just isn’t going to happen. Imagine how it would be to feel comfortable and at ease when speaking to a group of people conveying clarity and credibility…..