Slowly but surely just like the creeping in of Autumn injury recovery can be subtle

Making progress in any endeavour can be hard to handle if the change seems barely perceptible

How long do you keep going until you notice a difference? How far do you want to go after injury to recovery or beyond?

Thats all relative to our values. By this i mean what is important to us. Why do we want to get better and what will it get us. Might sound daft, i mean who doesn’t want to get better, right?!?! (here’s content for a another story)

I have spent the last 5 months very mindfully building up my fitness and lung capacity after injury. I strained my lungs which persisted for a while and I also seemed to keep injuring myself. Bit soul destroying to be honest.

But, after slow, mindful and gentle exercise, i began to notice the changes about 6 weeks ago. Much less discomfort, much less, whoop!!  My fitness was still lagging, but again, patience. I used to be really tough on myself, can you relate to this? So this time I really had to take my time, be kind. It’s very humbling when I used to be one of the best in the club, then I went back after a long break and was right at the “unable to do bugger all” stage.

Now my fitness change is showing, i have more stamina and can consistently do certain training with comfort and a smile!! I cant tell you how exciting it is to be seeing the changes, to feel the difference and enjoy it all

There is still more work to be done, and I will continue taking care because i love what i do. Care comes in the form of treatment for my body, hypnotherapy audios for my mind and time out to hold space for my body.

Moving into autumn is beautiful external demonstration of gradual change. 

For me the earlier signs of a shift are the birds singing a different song, the smell in the air, 

All natural changes are gradual, even if they don’t appear to be there, there are always indications beyond our naked eye.

Hold tight change is imminent.  

If you’re working towards something and have a goal in mind, be sure to know it is happening.

You may not see, hear, feel, sense many of the external changes yet but they are happening. 

When we have decided on a course of action, and we are in alignment with our values and beliefs which allows us to hone in on the target.  Change on a cellular level takes place first, this means the changes are microscopic, then as they become larger, we notice them, they become tangible to us.  

If you would like inspiration, comfort, solace you are healing help yourself to the Hypnotherapy audio below. How we heal. Headphones recommended