My Journey

I help people by enabling freedom from physical, mental and emotional problems. Problems that are having an impact on their confidence, health and well-being

Hello, I’m Nic Wood

I am a Body Mind Coach, Accredited Hypnotherapist
& Pain Relief Practitioner

I work with many mental and physical health problems, such as; chronic pain, depression, anxiety, addictions & phobias through to learning difficulties, behavioural problems and much more…

I start by helping you get a deeper insight into what is driving you so you can quickly take back control and start to enjoy your life in a whole new way. The first step to fulfilling this level of freedom is, is by becoming more aware of ‘how your mind works’.

How I developed as a Mind Body Coach

Working hands-on as a pain relief practitioner over the years, I have realised there is much more than meets the eye to the physical presentations that are an issue.

At times Clients presented with unexplained symptoms and when all other avenues had been exhausted they came to me as their last resort. When their relief was only short lived, my mind wouldn’t rest.

I knew it could be different. It was this heart-felt frustration which led me into new areas of learning – specifically, learning how the state of our mind impacts on the wellness of our bodies.

There is a tremendous amount going on with the physical body that is directly and dramatically connected to the mind. It is the impact of this that I want to share with others.

The impact “Body Mind Work” (BMW) training had on me, both personally, and in my hands-on clinic was profound.

Discover my inspiration and the evidence that supports the Body Mind Work >

Outside of work

I struggled hugely with insomnia amongst a host of other stresses, insecurities, shame which I kept very quiet.  The insomnia was an external symptom I had to work with, it was awful.  What I didn’t realise was the the person I was, deep down was not a happy one. This might sound strange to some, but I didn’t know I wasn’t happy.  I can’t really describe it and put it all into words as it was just who I was.  It wasn’t until I began the Hudson Mind Process training to further help my clients,  that I realised it was me that needed the help.  The significance and impact of this work allowed me to notice what I had been trapping myself in.  So then and there I stopped training for my clients and decided to help me.  It wasn’t an over night fix, it has taken time to evolve and grow and put my learnings into life practice, and I’m still learning!  The 18month training programme took me over 2 years because I chose to repeat certain modules.  Once awake I was able to focus the work in the direction of my clinic and my clients.

Today, I enjoy life in a whole new way, each day is new, and yes, I still get the odd curve ball thrown at me, high lighting that I need to wake up some more. I’m still a work in progress, I’m just enjoying the process now :)

My hobbies include walking, freediving, spearfishing, reading, cooking. I am fairly energetic, and if i’ve been sat for too long I just need to get outside and get moving.  I love exploring the coast line, all the way to Devon and Cornwall.  I’ll get in for a dip any time of year, in winter it may not last long though!

I swim regularly, cycle as a way of getting about or exercise, or I’ll go for a tiny run (I mean it when I say tiny). I love yoga and started it originally to help with an ongoing injury and chronic pain and now I do it regularly.  I didn’t think I was creative because im not ‘arty’ but….  it turns out I might be….  I create my own hypnotherapy audios for people to enjoy for free.  I love making these, and I can utterly loose myself in the process. You’re very welcome to have a listen, let me know what you think, youtube.