My gift to myself for my 40th year around the sun, exploring wild UK for a swim.

I adore the ocean, rivers, even some public swimming pools. Being in the water is second nature to me & the winter of 2020/2021 was one of the most intense and yet amazing experiences. I maintained my sanity by immersing myself in the ocean 3-4 times a week. Icicles on the rocks, bitingly cold hands and numb feet but my body, my head, my heart maintained balance.

So as a natural continuum I decided I’d explore more of this countries waterways, seeking wild spots for a swim.
So far…. Its June… I’ve done 17 locations. Most here in Dorset. North Yorkshire & Peak district.

My diploma (clinical hypnotherapy) took me up to Scarborough a few times, many modules being done on line due to restrictions. But when finally set free…… rivers, bay’s and lakes were free to explore.

I’ve found myself seeking out water, and have ended up in some random places just for a dip. It’s been such a wild beautiful swim experience.

I look at maps seeking the blue bits, ask friends. It’s surprising how many people know of a lake or a river, somewhere they walk and visit but never thought about swimming in….. until now……

Got any recommendations?

Next week I’m heading up to Bath, staying on a narrow boat, so lets see if i can find a nice spot with some friends to enjoy.

September 2021 – Back from 2 weeks on the road….
Scotland, West coast. As you can imagine i was stopping for swims in the Lochs round nearly every corner. Blow away by the beauty and power of the place.

Diving down in the gin clear locks to experience intense brain freeze! So the surface was enough after a few dives. Asking a local ‘how deep’ the lock was he promptly followed by pointing out a yellow platform in the middle and said that was where the submarines dock onto!!! Oh my Gawd!!

After that trip I had steadily amounted 39 different locations for swimming. 1 more to go, I’m not planning this one. Im putting my intention out there. A magic experience, nourishing, embracing, beautiful and as a collective for my 40th……

Watch this space

A few pictures for you xx